June Shannon Flaunts New Haircut: I Look Like Marilyn Monroe Again!

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Amidst reports that June Shannon is returning to From Not To Hot for a new season, June is continuing to gradually get her life back together.

Part of that means remaining sober. Part of that means fixing up her image with a brand new haircut.

June Shannon is at the Beach

"So on an impulse I decided to cut my hair," Mama June Shannon begins her Instagram caption.

"And," she raves, "I actually really like it."

June then expresses: "thanks Greta @amaliebeautybar n enjoying my day of pampering."

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

"Y’all need To try them out," June recommends to her fans and followers.

She notes that this is true "especially if you were in the Area."

Obviously, June is not recommending that people drive for hours to get a haircut -- ever, but especially during a pandemic.

June Shannon haircut caption only

"Thanks Alana with @stuartbeautybar for telling me about this place," June credits.

Her caption concludes: "they [are] a one stop shop and very nice ppl."

That was her caption ... but let's see the results!

June Shannon Shows Off Her Cute New 'Do

Okay, cute! June is once again blonde, if not as platinum as she once was.

Her hair is now in a casual and somewhat wavy bob -- a hairstyle popular in video game character creation screens and also in real life.

She is also wearing a gorgeous sequined face mask, absolutely vital to responsibly avoid unwittingly spreading COVID-19.

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

Early on during this pandemic, when June's state of mind was not believed to be quite where it is now, she drew fire for not wearing a mask.

She and Geno were seen wandering around a casino floor, seemingly unconcerned by the pandemic.

Since then, however, June has taken real steps to show fans and followers how seriously she takes the pandemic.

June Shannon New Teeth

More than that, June has been cleaning up her image -- something that had suffered during her downward spiral with addiction and misbehavior.

The first big move was for June to get her smile repaired.

One of her veneers had snapped off, leaving her with a missing tooth. She had that fixed earlier this year.

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

Haircuts are a simple way for people to realign themselves with their goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made haircuts difficult and complicated, as it is an easy luxury to forego to avoid unnecessary risk.

But some people find longer hair to be unmanageable. Others just want to help those hairdressers that have been forced back to work by irresponsible governments.

June Shannon Teases a Surprise

June is also working on losing some of the weight that she regained during her downward spiral (and since).

Remember, sometimes sobriety is associated with weight gain.

It is a cruel joke that June's body is not doing exactly what she wants it to do even as she begins to repair her life.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

June is reassuring many of her fans with her conscious and public efforts to groom herself better and manage her appearance and remain sober.

We hope that she approaches everything, including her new weight loss efforts, safely, and does not overdo it.

She has a long way to go before her family will fully trust her again, but we are happy that she no longer seems to be on a self-destructive path.

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