Meri Brown Sticks Up for Daughter Amid Simmering Family Feud: I Love My Gay Child!

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Meri Brown has taken a break from trashing Kody Brown to share a very different kind of message on Instagram.

This one is a message of support.

For her daughter.

Meri with Mariah

For those that missed it, Mariah Brown is going at it right now with Paedon Brown, the son of Christine and Kody.

The beef has gone public because Paedon posted a meme this month that fought back against the ongoing nationwide push for police reform by stating that Blue Lives Matter.

Paedon, who is a member of the Army, also replied on Reddit to a user who asked whether he would call his half-sister to have a "conversation" because she been very outspoken in the wake of the George Floyd killing.

I love Mariah very much but we can’t stand each other," Paedon wrote back.


Points for honesty we guess, right?

Mariah's fiancee wouldn't agree, however.

Audrey Kriss fired back at Paedon on this same platform after seeing his above statement, responding for all to see:

“Black lives matter and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here."

Mariah Brown Online

Audrey, who got engaged to Mariah last year, also claimed that Paedon recently called Mariah crying and that he was a hypocrite... prior to Paedon turning off his Reddit comments.

Neither Kody nor Christine has said anything in the wake of this feud.

But Mariah has now seemingly spoken out in support of her daughter.

"Having a gay child doesn't mean you failed as a parent, disowning a gay child means you failed as a parent," Meri wrote via meme, as you can see right here:

meri, love

Well said, right?

Mariah has been open about her sexuality on a variety of Sister Wives episodes over the years.

She actually broke down in tears this past spring, but only because she was receiving such strong support from her father and his spouses -- despite their fervent religious beliefs.

Mariah Brown with Fiancee

We can't say for certain, but Paedon comes across like a Republican, while Mariah has blasted Donald Trump on multiple occasions.

“I will no longer be associated with people who think that the money in their pockets or the political associations they are are more important than my life, than my rights," she wrote a few weeks ago, adding:

"Remember that if you make the choice to vote for Donald Trump, you are making the choice to no longer have me in your live."

Mariah Brown on the Gram

Meri, to her credit, has never waivered in her support of Mariah.

On Mariah’s birthday on July 29, her mother gushed on social media:

“This beautiful and amazing person came into my life, and I knew a love that only a mom can know.

"I have loved watching her grow into such an amazing and wonderful person, loving herself and owning the person that she is. Words can’t express how proud I am of her, how amazed I am by her, or how much I love her.

"Thank you, Mariah, for being the awesome person that you are!"

Meri Brown and a Pillow

In June, meanwhile, Mariah touched on sexuality on Instagram and admitted that in the past, she had “even tried erasing it from myself.”

She added:

“But that doesn’t help anyone.

"So I’m going to continue to post about queer identity.

"I’m going to continue to say things that don’t make sense to a lot of people, but maybe to the right person, it makes all the sense and gives them permission to be themselves."

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