Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian is an Abusive Dad! Dream Busted Her Friggen Head!

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna continue to accuse each other of endagering Dream's life. It is once again Chyna's turn to accuse Rob.

In court documents, she accuses Rob of lying about Dream's head injury and being dangerously neglectful in treating it while she was in his care.

Blac Chyna at the 2020 Oscars

According to court documents obtained by In Touch Weekly, Blac Chyna wants to reduce Rob's visitation with Dream.

Chyna reports that Dream, who will turn 4 in November, suffered a head injury on June 10 of this year, while in her father's care.

And unfortunately, this is not the first alleged incident at Rob's house.

Dream Kardashian in Jaguar Spots

“Over the past four months, the minor child Dream Renee Kardashian suffered two severe burns on her leg while in the care of Respondent’s nanny,” attorney Lynne Ciani wrote on July 13.

She was referring to two prior incidents from February and March of 2020.

“In addition to the pain and suffering Dream endured," she wrote, "an equally troubling aspect of her severe injuries is the fact that Respondent (Kardashian) made materially false statements after the two most recent injuries."

Rob with His Dream

The alleged false statements were made "regarding how Dream sustained those injuries."

"And," Ciani continues, "how he rendered aid, or, more accurately, failed to render aid -- to his injured daughter."

If that is true, that sounds alarming.

Dream Kardashian Smiles in a Beanie

"Dream’s significant injuries coupled with the ease and willingness with which Respondent lied about those injuries," Ciani writes.

She continues: "leaves Petitioner with no choice but to seek a modification of Respondent’s parental time with Dream."

In the court filing, Ciani says that this is all "to protect this 3-year-old little girl from further harm.”

Rob Kardashian Lost Weight

For evidence, Chyna includes a text message that was apparently sent from Rob to Chyna.

“Hey Dream slipped running and bumped her head on the wall," he wrote. "She has a bump on her forehead area."

"I put ice on it and arnica cream and it will go down but just letting you know," the alleged text reads.

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The text continued: "I will send home the cream also for you to use. She is fine and it will go down so don’t worry."

"We are playing now and she isn’t in any pain or anything. Just wanted to keep you posted," the text concluded.

According to Chyna, Dream did not want to talk about the incident but, when repeatedly asked, she reported "I fell down the stairs."

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Chyna went on to say that Dream had repeatedly told her nanny that she "fell down the stairs."

Even more alarmingly, Dream allegedly told the nanny that this happened when no one was watching her.

Chyna claims that this is the third time that Rob has "lied" about Dream sustaining injuries during visitation.

Blac Chyna Goes Blue

In court documents, Chyna laments that Rob allowed Dream to go to sleep after this head injury.

The fear is that sleep could have masked a concussion.

However, Rob's team insists that Dream was simply running and fell, striking her head on the molding.

Blac Chyna and Her Lips

Chyna seeks to reduce Rob's visiting hours to 10AM to 6PM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

This would mean an end to overnight visits. At present, Dream stays with Rob from Wednesday at 10AM through Saturday at 10AM.

Chyna also wants Dream to be supervised by a nanny of her choosing during all visits with Rob.

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