June Shannon: RETURNING For New Season of "From Not to Hot"!

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Last month, we saw Mama June Shannon crush her family's hopes as she once again bailed on rehab, choosing drugs and Geno over them.

But in the many months since that was filmed, she has made real improvements. And now, she's returning to TV.

June Shannon New Teeth

June has not had a large role on camera during this past season of Mama June: Family Crisis.

It wasn't that her life wasn't interesting or that she wasn't interested in the money that comes with reality stardom.

Instead, the issue was the her dependency on drugs and on Geno made her ghost both her family and production.

June Shannon Bawls

To say that June has regrets about how 2019 happened is an understatement.

However, this year, she has taken real steps towards fixing her life.

This has meant superficial fixes like repairing a missing tooth and working on losing some of the weight that she had regained.

June Shannon Does Yoga

But it also meant working on herself, for her own health and to prove herself to her family so that she can be back in their lives.

That means getting sober and staying that way -- and June has reportedly been sober for six months.

If that is true, congratulations are absolutely in order!

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

June's hard work appears to have paid off.

According to SoapDirt, not only is From Not To Hot getting another season, but June will be back on it.

A return to reality TV could be yet another key towards getting her life on track.

Alana Thompson Knows Something is Up

It looks like the whole cast is expected to return alongside June.

Filming is reportedly going to begin in August.

With that in mind, if everything goes as (reportedly) planned, fans can expect to see the new season as early as March 2021.

June Shannon Instagram Live

June will have to maintain her sobriety, however, and that could be deeply tricky.

After all, part of what made it sadly so easy for her to develop a bewilderingly intense drug habit was her (now former) small fortune.

She had a good-sized house that she owned outright. She had an estimated net worth of about $1 million.

mama june shannon tries to drag geno doak into the house

June endured more than just humiliation as her downward spiral commenced.

Her home took damage, within and without, most famously from an incident in which Geno plowed into the house and then refused to enter the home.

June, clad first in a see-through gown and then in clothing, tried to drag him indoors. It didn't work out so well.

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

There were missing or boarded up windows and other signs of damage outside of the home.

Inside, in addition to selling off many of her belongings including furniture, June and Geno auctioned off other people's possessions.

Those who saw the interior of the home during this time reported seeing it littered with garbage and what appeared to be used syringes.

June Shannon in a Mask

Even after all of that, June ended up selling the house at well below it's market value.

Unfortunately, after this sale, she and Geno coninued to live as if they had an endless stream of income.

They lived in and out of hotels, sometimes getting kicked out of them for unpaid bills ... or for rooms that were completely trashed.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

We sincerely hope that June is able to keep her life in order and get back under control.

She has had an outrageously hard life, and we absolutely understand that decades of unprocesed trauma are the root of her drug dependency.

June needs to find other coping mechanisms ... and to understand that while many people can simply get high every now and then, she clearly cannot. Not if she wants to keep her career and her family.

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