Janelle Brown Praises Christine, Fuels Speculation That Something Is Up

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While Kody Brown is away, his Sister Wives will apparently play.

To what end, however?

That is the question.

Christine Brown Sunset Pic

Over the past several months, the Sister Wives patriarch has said next to nothing online.

As soon as the latest season of this TLC series went off the air, Kody basically shut the heck up, seemingly choosing a life of solititude amid criticism over his ongoing behavior.

The long-time cable network personality spent nearly every episode berating his spouses for daring to disagree with his fantasy of building one giant house  on his property on Coyote Pass.

It got so bad that Kody himself confessed to coming across like a selfish A-Hole.

Janelle and Kody Brown Together

Fast forward to the last few weeks and the social media activity of his four Sister Wives.

At this point, we've covered Meri Brown's Instagram posts in extreme detail, sharing every passive aggressive jab she takes at her spiritual husband... amid endless chatter that this marriage is over.

But what about Kody's second and third wives?

Where do they stand these days with their awful lover?

Sister Wives: A Poster

Earlier this week, we reported that Janelle and Christine have been hanging out a lot of late.

They've both been trying to get in better shape as well, which is often the sign that someone is thinking of making a major personal move or decision.

Now, to fuel speculation even more Janelle has responded in glowing fashion to a new Christine post on Instagram.

Christine Brown and 2 Kids

As you can see above, Christine just shared some gorgeous photos of herself and two kids in Arizona.

"IN LOVE WITH THIS SUNSET! We’re chillin’ at the #flagstaffsnowbowl tonight. Really chillin! It’s cold!! #sunset #snowbowl #becauseoflularoe," she wrote  as a caption.

In response to the snapshot, many observers wondered whether Christine was posing on the vacant Coyote Pass property.

But not Janelle. She simply wrote in response: "This is really completely great in every way."

Christine Brown exchange

That's a very kind sentiment, of course.

Janelle may very well just be responding with some nice words to her loved one because, let's face it, these are some beautiful pictures.

However, it's nearly impossible not to wonder about all the relationship statuses these days between Kody and his Sister Wives.

They are very good at leaving fans guessing, that's for certain.

Christine Brown and a Daughter

Could Janelle and Christine be teaming up and preparing to finally escape this situation together?

Is Kody really in search of a fifth wife?

Has Meri already cut ties? Will we ever hear from Robyn again?

Just so many questions. And until the Browns come out and give us answers, we can only expect the rumors and the speculation to continue.

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