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Are the Sister Wives prepared to up and leave Kody Brown?

In unison?

At least three of these women have recently given us reason to think so.

Photo via Instagram

Over the past several weeks, Janelle, Christine and Meri Brown have all made a point to show social media followers that they’re intent on getting fit.

Christine, for example, just posted a new photo to her Facebook page in which she’s wearing a yellow shirt and skinny jeans.

A number of fans proceeded to comment on the gorgeous snapshot, applauding the mom of six on her weight loss.

As you can see above, meanwhile, Janelle and Christine have actually been going on walks together, enjoying both each other’s company and the weather and shedding some pounds in the process.

Photo via Instagram

Last week, as we also reported, Janelle posted that after years of being insecure, she finally feels “confident” in a bathing suit.

“For years I made excuses about going anywhere that required swimsuit," the reality star wrote as a caption to the following photograph, adding:

"I’m a work in progress for sure but I missed out on so much fun through the years. No more! So here is my yearly post about how to go to the beach.

"Put on your suit and go."

Janelle Brown Selfie

Elsewhere, Meri Brown has posted numerous recent pictures of herself at the gym.

She’s also, of course, posted an endless array of passive aggressive jabs at Kody, making it more evident everyday that her marriage is dead and over.

Here’s a look at Kody’s first wife getting nice and buff:

Photo via Instagram

So, what’s the major takeaway here?

Maybe nothing. Maybe Janelle, Christine and Meri are just using the pandemic-related quarantine to focus on their physical and mental well-being.

But maybe there’s more to it.

As any loyal Sister Wives viewer knows well, none of these spouses have posed with Kody in quite a long time. They’re clearly not hanging out with him these days.

Sister Wives, United
Photo via TLC

Considering Meri has cut her hair and has also been wearing more makeup, it’s hard not to wonder if these women aren’t transforming themselves because they’re plotting to make a major move.

With Kody just shacking up these days with Robyn, who has been noticably silent of late, it’s plausible that his other Sister Wives are just sick and tired of being treated like second class citizens.

By their own husband!

sister wives poster

An insider told The Sun this summer that Meri taking all this time to lose weight and make herself over is clearly purposeful. There’s a clear goal in mind.

"Having her own life, doing fun things, finding friends is the best thing she can be doing for herself. She’s finding herself, what she wants and believes," this publication has written.

Concluded the source:

"I hope Meri wakes up and ditches this insanity."