David Eason: Nathan Griffith is a Deadbeat Dad!

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David Eason is generally considered to be the worst dad in Teen Mom history, which would probably make him the worst dad in reality TV history.

And yet ...

David Eason Nathan Griffith

If you ask David - and believe it or not, some people still care about his opinion - there's another sperm donor who's even more negligent than he is.

In recent weeks, David has been trying to convince the world that Jenelle Evans' most recent ex, Nathan Griffith, is truly the World's Worst Dad.

It hasn't been easy, making that claim. 

David with Nugget

Since his best "argument" is that Nate is negligent toward son Kaiser, it's a heavy lift for Dave to be taken at all seriously.

David, of course, has been accused of both negligence and trauma-inducing abuse in the past - including toward Kaiser.

So until Nate swings by the house and kills Jenelle's dog in front of the kids, David will still be king of the bad dads.

David Eason Mugshot

Anyway, Eason made his case again on Instagram when a fan asked about Nathan's level of involvement.

“Is Nate still involved with Kaiser?” the commenter wrote, according to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch.

“He has never been involved much at all,” David replied.

Nathan and Kaiser Being Tough

"I know but I know he was getting him for a while," the fan added, referring to Nathan's custody arrangement.

“He has supervised visits with his mom like always, but he lives out of town, so …” Eason replied.

So ... what? 

Nathan Griffith Profile Pic

Is he saying Nathan never takes advantage of his visitation rights?

Seems like the sort of accusation he should just come right out with, but that would involve going into specifics.

Specifics which would remind everyone that despite his many faults, Nathan is still a vastly superior father than David.

Jenelle, Nathan Pic

Let's not forget all of this started when Nathan accused David of abusing Kaiser in a deeply troubling Twitter rant:

“Since NOOOOO one is hearing, I will say this."

"[The Columbus County Emergency Services] will not help, social services tried their hardest but NOOOO one listened," he wrote.

Dave Eason

"[It] makes me [realize] there is something wrong with the justice system,” he continued in since-deleted tweets.

From there, Nathan went into horrifying detail about the signs that his son was being abused by his stepfather.

“How do you [explain] marks on my son’s back, [his] black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation," he wrote.

David Eason Stupid

Whip marks??

Nathan went on:

"Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggressive behavior … "

"NOTHING HAPPENS. What am I supposed to do besides being a panic parent!”

Kaiser at Rest

Sadly, it doesn't seem there's much else that Nathan can do at the moment.

As usual, Jenelle responded with allegations that he's a bad father, as well, and seemed more interested in disparaging Nathan's reputation than in proving that Kaiser is safe in his home.

Really depressing honestly.

David Eason and Kaiser doing football

To be fair, no one knows for sure what's happening on The Land other than the wild creatures who live there.

Still, an allegation of child abuse with specific information about injuries is always a deeply upsetting thing.

David chooses to respond by claiming that Nathan doesn't see his son very often.

But if someone who rarely sees the boy is still able to pick up on signs of abuse, the situation might be even more dire than we realize.

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