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If Kanye West was looking to make headlines during his first Presidential campaign really, he succeeded on Sunday night.

If Kanye West was looking to be dragged and mocked and canceled for the things he said at this same rally, well… 

… he also succeeded.

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The rapper, who appears to be serious about running for President, has been trending on Twitter for hours due to his speech yesterday evening in Charleston, South Carolina.

Appearing before a small crowd of fans at the Exquis Event Center and wearing a bulletproof vest — with "2020" shaved into his hairline — Kanye described the moment Kim Kardashian told him she was pregnant for the first time.

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"In the Bible, it says, ‘Thou shall not kill.’

"I remember that my girlfriend called me screaming and crying, and I was just thinking, because at that time I was a rapper I was out there, [had] different girlfriends and everything… and she said, ‘I’m pregnant.’

"And I said, ‘Yes!’ And then I said, ‘Uh oh.’"

Kanye said he initially feared he had given Kardashian AIDS.

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Instead, Kim was simply expecting… and the then-unmarried couple was scared.

"She was crying… and for one month and two months and three months, we talked about her not having this child. She had the pills in her hand," West confessed

Then, West recalled sitting in a Paris apartment, where he said he had a revelation from God to keep the little girl.

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"I’m in the apartment where my wife was actually robbed, and I have my laptop up and I have all of my creative ideas, I’ve got my shoes, I’ve got my next song cover… and the screen went black and white," he said on stage.

"And God said, ‘If you f— with my vision I’m gonna f— with yours.’

"And I called my wife and she said, ‘We’re gonna have this baby,’ and I said ‘We’re gonna have this child.’"

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Acknowledging both the polarizing nature of his speech, along perhaps with rumors of a split, Kanye addeed:

"Even if my wife wants to divorce me after this speech she brought North into the world even when I didn’t want to.

"She stood up and she protected that child. You know who else protected a child? 43 years ago, who do you think protected a child?” West said, crying his eyes out at this point.

"My mom saved my life. My dad wanted to abort me. My mom saved my life, there would have been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy."

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Reflecting on his own family with Kardashian — with whom he also shares sons Saint, 4, and Psalm, 1, and 2-year-old daughter Chicago — West yelled:

"I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter! I love my daughter!"

Elsewhere during his talk, Kanye said if he was elected to the oval office, he would get rid of Plan B, an emergency contraceptive that helps prevent pregnancy within 72 hours after unprotected sex.

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Kanye went on to criticize those who have said his running for President could split the African-American vote and hand another four years to Donald Trump.

I don’t give a f–k if I win the presidency or not… I am in service to God," he explained.

"God has a plan for us and his people to be finally free. Trump, Biden, or Kanye West cannot free us."

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The artist, however, said his most controversial take for a correction to the historical record.

At another point during the rally, he said Harriet Tubman "never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other white people."

No wonder many people close to West fear he’s doing through a bipolar episode, you know?

(Tubman, who was born into slavery, is known for not only escaping her chains… but going back and freeing upwards of 300 slaves as a result of the Underground Railroad. She’s a legend.)

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West announced on July 4 that he would be entering the Presidential race.

He Tweeted that now is the time for him to run because "we must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future" — and one poll has him in third place behind Trump and Joe Biden, at two percent of the vote.

The rapper needs 270 electoral votes to win — and there are only 306 electoral votes left among the states, including Washington, D.C., where the filing deadlines have yet to pass.

However, he only needs to garner a few thousand here and there in certain places to actually have an impact on who gets elected in November.