Instagram Trolls to Tori Roloff: GTFO! We Don't Want You Here!

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Tori Roloff knew what she was getting into, we guess.

Back in January, the Little People, Big World star thanked fans for their support... while also noting that the Internet can be a "dark and mean space."

So the mother of two can't really be stunned by what's transpired over the past few days.

Tori R.

But we can be.

And we can most certainly be discouraged by it.

About a week ago, Roloff finally grew sick and tired of some of the criticism that has been coming her way.

In a calm and measured, albeit stern torn, she took aim at the judgmental haters ans said the following...

Tori and Children

I am not responsible for teaching the world anything about dwarfism or a pandemic or any other global issue.

However, it is my privilege to have a platform where I can share information on things I find important like dwarfism or a pandemic or other global issues.

I did not chose to be in the public eye. I fell in love and I chose my husband then and I choose him every day since.

This all comes along with him and our family and I feel like I’ve done a damn good job of being the best I can be.

Tori and Zach on the Fourth

It's not entirely clear what spurred this highly unusual sort of post from Tori Roloff.

Prior to its posting, a seemingly innocent follower asked about son Jackson's legs after looking at a photo of the three-year old.

This individual was concerned because the toddler appeared to be standing awkwardly and he has been diagnosed with dwarfism and it's therefore plausible that he could be developing in an unhealthy manner.

Tori responded to this question with kindness at the time.

Tori and Zach Roloff and Children

But perhaps she then thought about the situation she's in... and how she really  just wants to share some cute family photos online at times... and how she then must deal with questions about her son and daughter's health...

... and she snapped. Just a little.

Concluded Tori on July 11:

I don’t owe you anything. You don’t own me. You can’t manipulate me. This is my instagram and I can choose what I want to share.

If this doesn’t sit well with you... I’m sorry. It’s not my job to change your mind.

Tori with Lilah

As a celebrity gossip website that has applauded Roloff over the years for her honesty and her gratitude, we think it's fantastic that she finally told some trolls where to stick it.

But not everyone out there agrees.

“Nobody is forcing you to participate,” one Reddit user shot back at Tori, adding:

“Delete your social media and stop acting like you’re a super popular celebrity that people really care about.”

Tori and Zach on Easter

Another chimed in as follows:

"If she truly didn’t want to be in the public eye, she wouldn’t be in it. But she does and enjoys all of the perks it provides, including her ability to live a life of leisure."

And another:

"If she wants real privacy she needs to privatize her account and go back to teaching in covid filled classrooms instead."

Tori and Zach Roloff and Kids

Sheesh, people! Calm the eff down, will ya?!?

Tori got understandably frustrated by strangers asking about her kids, okay?!?

She lives a quiet life in Oregon and doesn't even make all that money from it critics need to ask themselves a question:

Why are you allowed to say anything you want to someone on social media -- but you then get all worked up when she says something in response?

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