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For several seasons now, Vanderpump Rules has reigned supreme as the most problematic reality show on television.

The series centers around toxically angry, straight, white, rich people throwing drunken fits, often against the backdrop of important events such as the West Hollywood Pride Parade, where their behavior is even more egregious than it might seem under different circumstances.

Stassi S.
Photo via Bravo

Bravo has managed to tamp down significant controversies and complaints about the behavior of the show’s cast, most recently ignoring pleas to fire Jax Taylor in response to his years of bigotry and bullying.

Now, a new controversy threatens the future of the series, or at least the fate of one of Vanderpump’s most formerly-beloved stars.

Last week, Faith Stowers spoke out about racist bullying she endured at the hands of the show’s nearly all-white cast.

Faith is one of only two black cast members to appear on the show during its eight-year run.

Faith Stowers Image
Photo via Instagram

Stowers recalled an incident in which stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute called the police and accused her of drugging and robbing numerous people after seeing a report about such crimes on a local news broadcast.

"They thought it was me because it was a Black woman with a weave," Stowers said.

"They just assumed it would be me and they called the cops on me."

Obviously, that’s appalling — and it’s just one of many instances of bigotry Stowers encountered during her short time on the show.

Stassi Schroeder Snapshot
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Stassi has taken the majority of the flak this week, as this is not the first time she’s engaged in highly questionable behavior with regard to race relations and cultural sensitivity.

Back in 2018, Schroeder joked about dressing like a Nazi in an Instagram post that left fans stunned.

Now, another incident has resurfaced, this one from less than one year earlier.

It seems Stassi was upset that Moonlight was awarded Best Picture over LaLa Land at the 2017 Academy Awards.

Stassi Schroeder Red Carpet Photo
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She voiced her grievances on a since-deleted episode of her podcast.

"I’m like, really sick of everyone making everything about race," she said.

"I’m kind of over it."

From there, Schroeder acknowledged she was "one person whose not allowed to say that, because I’m a white, privileged, blonde 28-year old."

Stassi Crying

But did that stop her from continuing to blather on about the topic?

We think you know the answer to that question.

"But like, everyone giving their impassioned speeches about race and all of that stuff, I’m like, ‘Why is it always just about African Americans?’" she asked her audience.

"Like why aren’t the Asians like: ‘We’re not represented’," she joked.

Stassi Schroeder: Mark Zunino Atelier Opening
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"Why aren’t — like I dunno, like — Native Americans and Latinos not like ‘We’re not represented.’ Why is it always just ‘that’?"

Believe it or not, it gets worse:

"And then when they get upset, everybody has to go above and beyond to then make them happy," Schroeder continued.

"And I hate saying the word ‘them’ because I’m not….. not everybody’s the same. I mean the ones that are out there bitching about things."

Oh Stassi

Schroeder went on to mock the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag and berate Moonlight as a film.

"Maybe you weren’t nominated because you didn’t do that great of a job in your movie," she said.

"Like it’s not about race. It’s literally like not about what you look like at all. It’s like your acting ability, so like, what the actual f–k."

Stassi admitted that she "didn’t f–king see" the groundbreaking Best Picture winner, but that didn’t stop her from spewing some nonsense about why the movie won the award.

Stassi Picture

"The reason why it won was because it was like, ‘the message.’ It’s groundbreaking because of ‘the message’. Winning Best Picture to me isn’t about the f–king message. Like it’s not church," her Karen-esque rant continued.

"The Academy Awards are so I don’t have to think about any of that shit, and I can just focus on those f–king dresses."

Needless to say, these resurfaced comments are unlikely to help Schroeder’s standing with the black community.

Stassi Schroeder Picture

Part two of the Vanderpump Rules Season 8 reunion show is scheduled to air tonight on Bravo.

It was filmed before the latest controversy involving the show’s problematic cast, but we would be surprised — and frankly, a bit disappointed — if Andy Cohen and company didn’t find some way to address these latest developments.

Of course, there’s a remote chance the episode won’t air at all — in which case, this might be the end of Vanderpump Rules as we know it.