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Suffice it to say that Madison Prewett and Pete Weber didn’t have the cleanest breakup in the world.

Pete has moved on (and then some) with Kelley Flanagan. What’s next for Madison?

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Peter and Kelley Flanagan appear to be living their best lives. Doesn’t Madi deserve a chance at happiness?

"After I go through something big in life," Madison begins while speaking to Elite Daily.

She then clarifies that she defines these milestone events "like a breakup, a transition, a move, a change, anything like that."

Madi then continues: "I really try and take time."

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Madison goes on to explain that she takes this time "to make sure my heart is in the best place."

In other words, no rebounds for her.

She adds that she also makes certain “that my heart, mind, and body are all healthy."

That’s good for any given moment of anyone’s life, but definitely wise post-breakup.

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"I take time to really get back to the best version of myself," Madison continues.

Notably, the breakup with Peter wasn’t her only milestone.

She was also thrust into the spotlight as a reality star for the very first time. That’s a bigger deal than any split.

Madi shares that she takes time for recover "and [she likes to] make sure I’m in a great place."

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"I really haven’t even considered dates or anything like that," Madison reveals.

That is not to say that no one has shown any interest.

"Anybody who’s asked," she shares, "I’ve just been like, ‘Look, I’m just focusing on myself right now.’"

That is an extremely valid answer to give.

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Now, rumors had suggested that Madi might have a little something-something going on with Connor Saeli.

He seemed ever so slightly coy when he went on Instagram Live and was asked about it.

However, Madison has previously clarified to E! News that "He seems like a really sweet guy."

"And he reached out right after the finale," she shared, "and just sent some encouragement and some support."

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Madison once again emphasized that Connor, a fellow hottie from the Bachelor Fam, is "really sweet."

"But," she continued, "that is it."

Sometimes people will split hairs and play word games — especially if they’re trying to trick themselves into believing that their faves are dating.

"We are not together," Madison stated.


‘I am not with anyone right now," Madison further confirmed.

At the time, she made a similar statement to the one that she has made now.

"I am just focusing on myself," she explained.

"And," Madi continued, she was "taking it one day at a time."

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Madison and Peter had a lot of chemistry during Peter’s season, but that’s not everything.

You have to be truly compatible, in disposition and goals and lifestyle.

As Peter’s mother tried so desperately to warn him — and was scorned for it — they weren’t going to make it as a couple.

Well, folks, Barb was right.

Peter Weber's Mom

Some of Madison’s most diehard, devoted fans decided to hate Barb forever for her tearful plea to Peter.

But the reality is that she wasn’t hating Madison — she just knew that she wasn’t right for her son. And, again, she was 100% right.

Peter wasn’t right for Madison either. That’s not either of their faults, it’s who they are.

Let’s hope that when Madison is finally ready to move on, it will be with someone with whom she is more compatible.