Stephanie Pratt Urges Americans to "Shoot the Looters" Amid Nationwide Protests, is the Literal Worst

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Stephanie Pratt needs a few minutes.

Actually, she may need a few hours... weeks... or even months.

That's how long it'll take for the former Hills star to remove her foot from her mouth after she Tweeted something insensitive, stupid and hypocriitical in the wake of ongoing racial tension in America.

Stephanie Pratt and Her Dog

Over the weekend, as demonstrations raged in nearly every major city across the nation in response to the killing of George Floyd, Pratt expressed her opinion on how some protestors should be treated.

Simply put?

“Shoot the looters — using this tragedy as their excuse to rob and burn all of our towns down,” Pratt wrote.

The Tweet has since been deleted.

But the backlash it has garnered remains alive and well on Twitter.

Stephanie Pratt for the Hills

Pratt also wrote that her “heart breaks” for the businesses in Los Angeles that were impacted, questioning where the national guard was in the area

“Anyone else sobbing watching their town being burned down?” Pratt asked.

The MTV personality's message came days after President Trump tweeted “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” -- which Twitter said violates its guidelines against glorifying violence.

The platform actually took this post from the Commander-in-Chief off its home page in response.

A Stephanie Pratt Photograph

Pratt, as you likely know, was responding to the civil unrest that has developed in response to Floyd's death, along with the delay in time it took to arrest the officer who knelt on his neck.

The three other officers at the scene of this alllege crime remain un-arrested and uncharged.

In the days since, stars such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga have spoken out against the racial divide in the country, as well as against  a President who seems intent on inciting as much violence as possible.

Stephanie Pratt Mug Shot

The thing is, not only did Pratt advocate for flat-out shooting people who were stealing...

... she did so as someone who has been arrested for stealing herself!

In May of 2006, Pratt was arrested and charged with second-degree theft and had to pay $5,000 in bail, while also being placed on three-year probation.

The arrest took place after Pratt was caught in Oahu, Hawaii after shoplifting $1,300 worth of merchandise from a Neiman Marcus store.

Stephanie Pratt Smiles

Angela Babicaz, a reality star who appeared on such programs as Ex on the Beach, shared a picture of Stephanie's mug shot and Tweeted the following over the weekend:

"Oh cause I thought the thief who shoplifted more than $1,300 worth of clothing from Neiman said some..."

Added another critic:

“I think what you meant to say is ‘Anyone else sobbing about how cops are killing black people without punishment?’

"The bigger issue should always be loss of life, not buildings and things."

doown wiith pratt

As we said, Pratt has since taken down her polarizing Tweet.

She is yet to comment on it, however.

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