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Over the past several months, there’s been growing curiosity surrounding the Sister Wives universe.

Many fans out there have been wondering whether Kody Brown and Meri Brown might be going their separate ways, based on a recent history of openly clashing both on air and off.

And, look, they still might.

kody vs. robyn

As it turns out, however, all the focus on Kody and Meri has served as a distraction from the problems that also exist between Kody and Robyn.

These problems came to the forefront on recent Sister Wives episodes, however.

Back on March 9, if you’ll recall, Kody and Robyn got into a heated argument because the former wanted to purchase a home in Arizona before moving everyone to Coyote Pass.

Robyn took issue with this plan, though, preferring to keep renting instead of adding yet another home to their bank account and delaying their eventual move to the aforementioned piece of property.

Robyn Brown Looks Sullen
Photo via TLC

How ugly did it get?

Both Robyn and Kody invokved a higher power while fighting over this topic.

“God is not limited by the rules of this earth,” Robyn told her husband.

“And if He wants to provide the rental when He provides it, it’ll be fine.”

Robyn is Sad

“I’m not saying that He can’t do that. I’m saying that He’s telling us to do something else,” Kody clapped back at Robyn, alleging to know how God wants the family to buy a house.

“He’s not telling me that,” Robyn replied.

Fast forward to this past Sunday’s installment, and Robyn was more candid than usual with Meri, Janelle and Christine about the status of her relationship.

Hashtag Sister Wives
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“I’m just starting to get desperate, because I really just don’t want to buy,” Robyn lamented to her other spouses, continuing to be concerned about this whole real estate thing.

“If we buy a house, then it will delay everything we have planned for the property…I just want to scream every time I think about it," she added.

Kody’s fourth wife and youngest wife then confessed that this was no tiny marital problem or inconsequential squabble.

Robyn Brown, Unhappy
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“This is something that we’re fighting about every single day,” the Sister Wives star admitted.

And while we’re maybe grown accustomed to Kody not getting along with Meri, his ongoing issues with Robyn have taken both viewers back — and also the other women back.

“Kody and Robyn aren’t doing super great,” Christine told Sister Wives producers on this same episode, adding that she could tell the issue ran deeper than just deciding between renting and buying a house.

Robyn Brown and Company
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Janelle felt the same way.

She noted that Robyn never airs such personal and dirty laundry in public, so…

“This must be a big issue, because generally you would never see this,” Janelle said. "Robyn would never talk about it."

These Sister Wives
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Robyn even went so far as to say she didn’t want to be in Flagstaff at all.

Which has been a familiar refrain for almost all the Sister Wives since they moved there.

“I just want to be back in Vegas, in my home,” she told the other cast members.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14
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“This doesn’t feel like my home…Kody has basically told me he’s taking the kids and I to go see houses," she added.

"I hope they hate them."

Kody has come under a great deal of fire from the general public in light of how he’s been treating his wives.

The dude has even come right out and said that honestly he doesn’t even want the women to be happy.

Real class act that Kody Brown, huh?