Kody Brown Blows Off Child's Graduation, Surprises No One

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Kody Brown is not a good parent.

Or husband. Or, based on what we've seen over the past several months, human being in general.

Meri Brown Stays Safe

Allow us to present our latest evidence to back up these statements, okay?

Over this past weekend, Gwendlyn Brown graduated from high school.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, sadly, this major life event was dimmed a bit because the 18-year old and her classmates could not sit around with their loved ones inside of a tent and celebrate the occasion.

Still, however, the occasion was celebrated.

Just not by Gwendlyn's father.

Gwendlyn Brown

Meri, though, attended the festivities, along with Robyn's son from a previous marriage, Dayton, with the Sister Wives cast member shared the first photo posted on this page and writing as a caption:

"Dayton and I watching from the sidelines (or sidewalk??) as our graduates get ready for their graduation parade. It's how we do graduations in Flagstaff!"

She added the hashtags: #LivingMyWhy #BecauseICan #LoveWhatIDo #LoveWhoIAm #Family #ClassOf2020 #CovidGraduation #Flagstaff.

Ah, yes. Family.

There's something Kody hasn't seemed very interested in for quite awhile.

Kody Brown Interview Pic

The Sister Wives patriarch rarely posts on social media, we'll give him that much.

But it seems safe to say that he was NOT with Meri to help cheer on Gwendlyn (his 10th kid overall and fourth with Christine) and it also seems safe to say that this sort of thing has been a pattern for the past year or so.

The veteran reality star has been obsessed with building his dream mansion in Arizona (a total failure so far) and little else since he and his spouses moved to Flagstaff...

... and this obsession has taken over every aspect of his life.

Kody Brown Talks a Lot

The relationship between Kody and Meri appears to be especially fraught.

The latter shares mysterious quotes on a near-daily basis that we'd have to imagine are about Kody and the state of her spiritual marriiage.

"Some days I don't hit my daily goals. Some days I'm so productive I exceed them by leaps and bounds. And it's all up to ME," Brown recently wrote, for instance.

"Whether with my business associates or in my personal life, I can't force anyone to be who they're not, feel how they don't feel, or meet me anywhere they're not willing or able to meet me," she added, making a clear reference to her sucky husband.

Kody and Meri Brown: Sister Wives

We're not even here to judge this marriage, however.

Meri makes it sound as if she's moved on from Kody, and we all know Kody has moved on from Meri.

Not attending your daughter's graduation, though? There's no excuse for that decision.

Hate on Meri all you want, Kody. Keep looking for that fifth Sister Wife because you think it'll make you happy and whole.

But be a responsible father, dude. Always.

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