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These days, it’s hard to imagine the Duggar family as anything other than fithy rich.

But when Michelle, Jim Bob, and their (at the time) 14 kids first burst onto the scene with a succession of one-off Discovery Channel specials, they were desperately poor.

The Duggars in 2004
Photo via TLC

They were in need of a larger house for their ever-expanding brood, and Discovery helped the Duggars with construction costs in exchange for the family’s work on a special entitled 16 Children and Moving In.

Thus began the development of the iconic Duggar compound.

By the time the family had reached full-blown reality star status, the compound in Tontitown was their central base of operations.

Michelle and Jim Bob: 2004
Photo via TLC

This is the house that has served as the backdrop for every Duggar drama and the many, many wholesome family activities that have kept Counting On fans tuning in for the past decade.

These days, it’s shared by Jim Bob, Michelle, and ten of their children.

Jana Duggar still lives at home, where her days are spent looking after her four youngest sisters — with whom she still shares a bedroom.

Jana Duggar Counting On! Photo
Photo via Instagram

Jim Bob bought Jedidiah Duggar a house in the district where he’s running for office, but other than Jed, all the unmarried Duggar kids still live at home.

But there’s also an eleventh Duggar still lurking around the outskirts of the property like some depraved Boo Radley who doesn’t want to pay for his own utility bills.

We’re talking, of course, about Josh Duggar.

Insiders claim Josh is living in a shack on his parents’ property with his wife and six children.

Josh, Anna Duggar Birthday Party

The aluminum shed is bigger than most, but it’s also rumored to be windowless and un-air-conditioned.

The eldest Duggar’s downfall began with the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015, but his situation has only deteriorated in recent months.

Back in November, a used car lot managed by Josh was raided by Homeland Security.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Details of the investigation remain unclear, but since Homeland Security investigates matters of human trafficking, it’s widely believed that the raid had something to do with Josh’s employment practices.

Whatever the case, Josh and wife Anna have fallen on hard times yet again.

But Duggar obsessives believe the parents of six may have found a silver lining in the increasingly dark cloud that is their lives.

Josh and Anna Duggar Family Photo
Photo via Instagram

As fans have pointed out, Josh and Anna seem to be closer to Jim Bob and Michelle than ever before.

The two couples frequently engage in "double dates" such as the one pictued below.

"It means the world to have parents that unconditionally love us and who are there to encourage us along life’s way," Anna captioned the pic.

"The older I get, the more I realize just how much I value and lean on the advice from our parents and the Godly men & women who are a couple decades ahead of us in life," she continued.

Duggar Double Date
Photo via Instagram

Clearly, Josh and Anna are using their proximity to get back in Jim Bob and Michelle’s good graces.

And Duggar fans believe their ultimate goal is inheriting the Duggar compound.

Josh and Anna may feel they have a claim to it, as they’ve provided the most grandchildren, and they currently live on the property.

But you can be sure the other Duggar kids won’t be giving up the land without a fight.

Duggar Family Baby Bump Group
Photo via Instagram

Not only is the Duggar "big house" a veritable mansion built on a sprawling estate, it’s also the seat of the Duggars’ media empire.

It’s where he majority of Counting On scenes are filmed, and diehard fans make pilgrimages to have their picture taken outside the house.

So in a sense, whoever controls the house controls the future of the family business.

Josh Duggar at Church

And clearly, Josh believes it should be him.

Soms Duggar offspring have no claim on the property whatsoever — Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar aren’t even allowed in the house without supervision — but several others reportedly believe the compound should be passed on to them.

Sounds like this fight could rapidly deteriorate into an ugly situation.