Anna Duggar, Despicable Husband Living in Warehouse on Family Land [REPORT]

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Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar have a very large family (six kids and counting) as well as a very complicated past.

The latter, as you very likely know by now, has confessed to molesting his own sisters and also to cheating on Anna.

Anna Duggar and a Kid

Josh, the first of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 Kids and Counting, has been a pariah since his personal scandals unfolded.

For a change, however, the main focus of this post is far less on Josh's sordid past and far more on the present ...

... specifically on one pressing question that suddenly has fans across Duggar Nation flummoxed:

Where do Anna and Josh Duggar live?!?

Josh and Anna Get Married

First, a bit of history:

The polarizing couple - who weren't as polarizing back then, of course - got married way back in September of 2008.

After scandals forced Josh's resignation from his lobbying gig in D.C., they bought a house in Arkansas for $55,000.

This was 2016.

Gender Question

They lived there for three years and then sold the residence in 2019 for $285,000, which is quite an impressive profit.

Therefore, one would think Josh and Anna would easily be able to a home for themselves and their many children.

Yet according to various sources, it appears as if Josh, Anna and all six kids are living on his parents' property.

Josh Duggar and Fam

And we're not talking about a nice, comfortable home that has plenty of room for all eight members of Josh's family.

No, insiders tell the Blast, because all such homes on Jim Bob and Michelle's compound are already occupied.

For example, Joseph Duggar, his wife Kendra and their kids live in a log cabin gifted them by Jim Bob's late mother.

Josh Duggar at Church

Because poor Mary Duggar died last year, and because she had been living in the pool house, this residence also became available.

But some believe that Jim Bob in punishing Josh for the aforementioned molestation and infidelity scandals to this day.

How? By making him live inside of a pretty crummy warehouse, a building not really meant to house a family of eight.

Josh Duggar Is Back

This rumor seemingly began circulating shortly after Jim Bob's second-oldest son John David Duggar married Abbie Burnett.

How so? In a video posted online from that blessed day, Abbie is just about getting ready to walk down the aisle.

The clip shows the would-be bride trying on a variety of different wedding gowns inside of a warehouse.

A Family of 8

Inside this warehouse?

Some of the same fixtures often featured in Anna Duggar's social media posts, ostensibly from where she's been living.

If so, that's pretty weird. 

We know Josh is persona non grata to Duggar fans and likely some family members alike. But there are six kids involved.

Duggars at Play

The growing family welcomed their latest child, a baby girl named Maryella ... on November 27, 2019. As in last fall.

Look, we don't care if Josh is living in a warehouse. But his children? His wife? Haven't they suffered enough!?

No matter how badly Jim Bob wants to stash this man away, is that any way to treat your own grandkids?

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