Derick Dillard Says He and Jill Aren't Allowed in Jim Bob's House

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Derick Dillard may have just taken his feud with his in-laws to a brand new level.

And he just made Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar look pretty awful in the process.

Derick and Jill have not appeared on TLC since 19 Kids and Counting got canceled -- and, in a new Instagram exchange, the former reality star sort of explains why.

He goes into detail about some of the rules in place at his father-in-law's home, and how it has affected his relationship with the famous family's polarizing patriarch.

Meaning what, exactly? Scroll downto find out.

1. Let's Start with This:

Let's Start with This:
Derick, Jill and their kids did NOT spend Christmas with the latter's parents. They did their ownm separate thing instead.

2. What Did They Do?

What Did They Do?
Just their own thing, like we said and like Derick said here when asked by a follower. Sounds like they were joined by some friends from abroad.

3. No Huge Shock Here

No Huge Shock Here
As fans of this family must knoow by now, Derick and Jill really don't get along with Jim Bob and Michelle. It's scarcely even a secret at this point.

4. But This IS a Shock!

But This IS a Shock!
In an extension of his Instagram comments, Derick delved into some troubling details. He actually said he and Jill aren't permitted inside of Jim Bob's house without explicit permission.

5. Derick Tried to Play It Cool at First

Derick Tried to Play It Cool at First
Why didn't he and Jill attend the big Duggar holiday gathering? Simple, Dillard claims to a supporter, they aren't on 19 Kids and Counting any longer.

6. That Wasn't Really an Answer, Of Course

That Wasn't Really an Answer, Of Course
When more than one fan pointed out that 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled years ago, so what the heck is Derick talking about... he countered that it was “just renamed,” seemingly suggesting that Counting On is no different. “I guess if you want to get technical, it does have a different name now,” he then admitted.

7. Major Tension Alert!

Major Tension Alert!
After one person pointed out that “JB and Michelle [Duggar] have worked their way back on, so Jill and [her] fam should be able to also," Derick made it clear that there's been a lot of tension and confusion: "Yes, [JB and Michelle did] because it’s their show. We’ve only made guest appearances over the years for [a] wedding, birth, etc. We’ve never had any contact with TLC, hence not knowing there was a contract. Nobody from TLC has even mentioned to us what they would prefer that we say or not say."

8. Wait, Didn't Derick Get Fired for Making Homophobic Remarks?

Wait, Didn't Derick Get Fired for Making Homophobic Remarks?
Yes, but he seems to be implying otherwise here.

9. But What's the Deal with Derick and His In-Laws?

But What's the Deal with Derick and His In-Laws?
When another individual asked if “hard feelings” kept them Jill and Derick from hanging out with the rest of the family on other occasions, Dillard claimed there were “no hard feelings.” He continued: “There are just more things we are aware of now. The truth will always set you free.”

10. The Truth, Huh?

The Truth, Huh?
Back in October, Derick said Jim Bob got all the precious TLC money for his family's reality show, while he and Jill were left out to fend for themselves.

11. Dude Really Said This?

Dude Really Said This?
Yup. He said that Jim Bob negotiated with TLC executives on his own, keeping it private from everyone else.

12. Is a Storm Really Brewing?

Is a Storm Really Brewing?
In November, Derick picked up on this same topic and strongly implied he was gonna sue TLC for keeping money he deserved from him and his loved ones.

13. Down with Jim Bob!

Down with Jim Bob!
It's hard to make sense of this subsequent exchange, but it was evidence this autumn that Derick felt very screwed over by both TLC and Jim Bob Duggar.

14. Fast Forward to Now and...

Fast Forward to Now and...
... Dillard is back to saying he was deceived by his father-in-law and by the network that formerly employed him.

15. This Ignorance Was Not Bliss

This Ignorance Was Not Bliss
Weird, right? In this message, Derick explains that he was under the impression for years that the Duggars made no real money off their TLC shows, which is sort of plausible. Should a family that espouses such Christian values really get as rich as the Duggars have become?

16. Dropping This Bombshell

Dropping This Bombshell
And here is where Derick came out with it, alleging that he and Jill can't even go inside of Jim Bob's house...not when when Jessa went into labor! Crazy.

17. More Claims of Deception

More Claims of Deception
One commenter claimed that Derick and Jill chose to expose themselves to questions such as these because they agreed to be on the show in the first place. “We were made to believe we didn’t have a choice, and that we would be sued if we refused,” he shot back. “However, once we became more enlightened, we realized that we could easily defend ourselves … against a lawsuit from the family/TLC.”

18. Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

Who is Right? Who is Wrong?
We really have no idea. Derick has said some awful things in the past and isn't a very sympathetic party. Jim Bob hasn't really said a word about his alleged feud with Jill, however, and also seems pretty terrible. We're pretty sure everyone here is in the wrong.

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