Jenelle Evans: In Danger of Losing Her House Due to Unpaid Taxes?!

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Things just keep getting worse for Jenelle Evans.

We've reached the point where when we hear of a development that sounds like good news for Jenelle, we begin waiting for the inevitable twist that will transform it into yet another minor tragedy in the life of the Carolina Swamp Queen.

Jenelle Launches a Website

We say this not to foster sympathy for Jenelle -- her problems are virtually all self-created, and she's essentially devoted her life to increasing the misery of others -- but merely to point out a pattern.

For an example, take last week's news that Jenelle had once again broken up with David Eason.

The story went that David had pistol-whipped a friend of Jenelle's after the man arrived on the Easons' property to help keep her safe following a bad fight with her husband.

David and Jenelle Eason Forever

Not only did David attack the man, but he did so in front of Jenelle's children, likely traumatizing them.

But at least that mess prompted Jenelle to break free of her unhealthy relationship and free her kids from that abusive monster, right?

Wrong. Jenelle and David are already back together, and now her kids have even more reason to fear their stepfather and less reason to believe their mother will leave him.

Jenelle Evans: Mother's Day 2020

Another example of Jenelle's roller coaster approach to life can be found in her finances.

Evans stumbled into a wildly lucrative gig while still in her teens, and despite numerous attempts to get fired, she managed to hold onto it until her late twenties.

After Jenelle got fired from Teen Mom 2, we learned the truth about her financial situation,

Despite earning a salary of $400,000 in her final seasons on TM2, it looked as though Evans hadn't saved a dime.

Jenelle Sells

At first, Jenelle tried to pay the bills with endorsement deals, but every company that signed her was quickly alerted to what sort of bigoted bully they were working with.

After that, Jenelle launched a cosmetics line, but predictably, no one wanted to buy makeup from a bigoted bully.

Rumors that Jenelle and David were broke began to circulate on social media, and now we're learning that the situation is even worse than we previously thought.

Jenelle in Nashville

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle and David owe $46,406.70 to the state of North Carolina for taxes from the year 2017.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jenelle and David owe almost 50 grand just in state taxes, just for the year 2017.

How much do they owe federally?

What do they owe for the years following 2017?

Jenelle Evans and All Kids

That remains to be seen, but it's safe to assume it's a sizable sum.

And how much money do Jenelle and David have saved up for purposes of keeping the IRS at bay?

Well, that sum seems to be roughly in the area of zero dollars and zero cents.

Surprisingly, Jenelle and David have not been accused of engaging in any fraudulent behavior to conceal their earnings.

Jenelle Evans Reborn

So for once, they're not facing jail time.

However, they are at risk of losing their house to foreclosure if they can't figure out some way to pay off their debt.

We'd like to encourage Jenelle to launch a Go Fund Me page.

Not because we think it would help, we just to laugh at the comments it would attract.

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