NeNe Leakes: FIRED From The Real Housewives of Atlanta?!

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We already know that Eva Marcille has quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta to focus her energies elsewhere.

But that was nothing compared to this bombshell.

NeNe Leakes Mocks Her Rivals

A report says that NeNe Leakes, the OG of the ATL and perhaps the top earner on the entire Bravo franchise, has been fired.

She will not appear on Season 13, according to reports.

On Wednesday, June 17, broke the story that NeNe Leakes time on The Real Housewives is over.

NeNe Leakes Smiles

According to the report, pickup letters were emailed to the ladies on Friday.

NeNe, it is said, was not invited to return for Season 13 of the show.

According to the source, "There is a larger NBC/Universal conversation happening it’s [all] folded into."

NeNe Leakes' Eyes Widen in Anger

NeNe's representative apparently tried to get the random celebrity gossip site that reported this,, to take down the claim. In a possible connection to that, NeNe tweeted: 

"You are NOT going to get away with this! I promise."

NeNe Leakes Swagg Boutique

Some fans believed that she was referring to the article, that she was declaring it to be false. Others assumed that she was referring to the incident - but directing her ire at Bravo for giving her the axe.

This was huge news either way ... but, the report claimed, not necessarily a surprise.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Nearly Brawl in Toronto

In Season 11, NeNe got into hot water after her temper tantrum included her laying hands on part of the production team.

She was also seen on social media echoing a call for her to be fired.

Then, at the reunion, despite plenty of reasons to use her full air time, NeNe ended up storming away from her laptop.

NeNe Leakes LOSES IT

However, NeNe is now insisting that this report is totally bogus, sending her team out for some serious damage control.

Steven Grossman, her manager, spoke to People about the report, insisting:

"It is absolutely not true that Nene has been fired from RHOA."

NeNe Leakes Speaks at the Aftershow

In fact, he shares that he has no concerns that NeNe's job may be in jeopardy. "Furthermore," Grossman says:

"it was made abundantly clear prior that she will always be welcome on the series as long as she wants to be."

Case closed?

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

He did acknowledge that Bravo is indeed "having on-going bigger picture conversations with NBC Universal."

"And," Grossman adds, they "have not made any decisions regarding next season specifically."

Could she be holding out for more money?

Nene Leakes Has Meltdown

That said, Eva Marcille will not be returning. Perhaps that was solely the star's choice, as she claimed last night.

As for Nene, it's less clear.

"Any speculation or sources trying to create controversy," Grossman asserts, stirring more controversy of course.

NeNe Leakes Looking Repentant

He says Leakes is here to stay and that any media sources "by stating otherwise are incredibly inaccurate. Bloop."

That is an odd sentence, but okay.

Other Housewives have denied being fired when it turned out to be true. Is that what is happening here?

NeNe Leakes Says Eff Kenya and Her Bad Skin, Okay?

Well, maybe ... but the powers that be are circling the wagons around their star for now at least.

"There is no truth to this story," Bravo says of the report of her firing. "NeNe was not fired."

"And," Bravo's rep continues, "conversations for the next season are still ongoing."

NeNe Leakes tweet I promise I would tell you if I were fired

"I promise I’ll be the first to tell you myself!" NeNe tweeted to her fans and followers, again not saying what exactly.

Addressing those who had worried that she would be missing, she wrote:

"Thanks you for the love!"

Let's be honest -- some of the highest rated episodes from this past season featured NeNe in her huge fights with Kenya.

Making TV is a complicated thing, but no network is going to easily pass on someone like ... well, NeNe.

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