Briana DeJesus: Devoin Austin Almost KILLED Our Daughter!

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If you've been keeping up with Briana DeJesus for any amount of time, then you know that she has troubled relationships with both of her children's fathers.

Stella's dad, Luis, is basically just a deadbeat.

But Briana's relationship with Devoin Austin, Nova's father, has always been a little more complicated.

We've seen Devoin try to be more active in Nova's life only to be pushed away by Briana, but in the current season of Teen Mom 2, things have been changing.

They're actually getting along now, believe it or not, and it's been nice to see.

Except everything's changed over a scary incident last week ... an incident in which Nova could have literally died.

What's going on?!

1. Jumping Right In

Jumping Right In
There's so much to get through here, so let's just get right to it -- last week, Briana tweeted something about how she wished she could show her girls' fathers "what parenting is really like," and when someone said that Devoin at least could step up, she replied with "No he couldn’t. He f-cked up big time and I’ll never trust him again."

2. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Later, she added “Lol I gave that man an inch and he took a whole f-cking yard and ducked up bad and Nova is never allowed to be with him alone again."

3. One Day ...

One Day ...
Her followers wanted to know what happened, because of course they did, but she said “One day you guys will see what happened, til now there’s no reason to sell this story to the press. I just wanna move on with my life.”

4. Surprise!

But it turns out that "one day" will just be in a few weeks when the Teen Mom 2 reunion show airs. We know that because someone in attendance revealed on Reddit that “Bri is pissed at Devoin right now because of something that happened last week, but Devoin owned up to it and the crowd loved him."

5. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
The person then elaborated by explaining “He got really drunk on one of Nova’s visits, which was supposed to be an overnight. They were at a pool while he was drunk and apparently Nova can’t swim. Bri picked Nova up – nothing happened to her, but now Bri isn’t comfortable with Nova going there alone.”

6. And Here We Go

And Here We Go
So that's a pretty big deal, right? And that's what set off the insane rant Briana went on last night.

7. Oh, Devoin ...

Oh, Devoin ...
Things really kicked off when the story began making the rounds and Devoin tweeted "I had two drinks while watching my child and it hit me terribly. So I was tipsy when she came to pick up nova. I’m the worst father ever y’all. But hey I’m still doing my part financially. It’s just a lockout for me rn."

8. OK ...

OK ...
"And yes this happened 7 days before the reunion," he continued. "Yet ALL we talked about the ENTIRE reunion was about me being a 'alcoholic' lol. None of the good I’ve done. So I know my success ain’t in teen moms plans. And in other words y’all. It’s gon be al-thef-ck-right."

9. Uh ...

Uh ...
"Briana making it seem like I loaded guns in front of nova lol. I just learned that I don’t ever wanna have a drink around my child if I’m alone. Its a lesson. I learned. Tis what Tis," he finished.

10. Not Having It

Not Having It
Briana hit back with "You cried 7 years to have some alone time with your child and I finally give it to you and the first thing you do is get extremely intoxicated while spending time with ur daughter???? While she’s in the pool at that."

11. Going Off

Going Off
"U were finally able to have ur child on weekends and u decided to get drunk the first weekend u get her??? Don’t f-cking down play anything. When I went searching for you guys because I couldn’t get ahold of anyone. I found u unable to walk that’s how drunk you were. Dropping all your belongings. And not remembering anything the next day smh."

12. There's More!

There's More!
She continued with "Not only do I feel disrespected but I am disappointed because I gave you my f-cking trust. What if my child drowned???????? I expected to get nova and for her to tell me she had a BLAST but she told me her father was distracted. How can I ever trust someone who put my child in danger??"

13. So Much More

So Much More
"I don’t forgive you because you are down playing and trying to justify things. U can’t own up to something and have a whole bunch of 'buts' in the same sentence. U are only sorry u got caught."

14. Yikes

"Never in my life will I ever get intoxicated in front of my kids if I’m alone with them. Neverrrrr. It all goes back to what if something happened to nova? What if I came to pick her up an hour later than I did. There’s so many things that could have happened. Your phone died. U don’t drive. U don’t have a license. Ur drunk. How were y’all gonna get home???? Thank god my mothers intuition kicked in."

15. Oh No

Oh No
Devoin thought it would be good to interject with a "She'll get over it," but that only set Briana off more.

16. Nope

She went back to one of his earlier tweets, writing "Lockout? I never said u couldn’t see her, I said u couldn’t be alone with her. And u help financially? Lol u pay 60 bucks for her after school care goodbye fool. If you are gonna tell a story, tell the truth."

17. Well ...

Well ...
"I get it, you feel like the man, you finally got ur child for the weekend and u wanna celebrate. Do that sh-t when she’s not around. U got drunk while she was swimming in the pool."

18. Poor Nova

Poor Nova
Briana even revealed that Nova has trouble with water -- "Nova has taken many swimming classes when she was younger," she said. "I’m proud to say she’s not scared of the water anymore but she is not a pro swimmer and she panics fast. If you were a real parent, you would know to keep an eye out on her. Stupid f-cking piece of sh-t. But I’m the crazy bitch who bitches about everything."

19. Owning Up

Owning Up
In the end, Devoin tweeted "I just gotta make better choices. I f-cked up."

20. Ugh

But then he threw in that "I only spoke on it because she got people thinking I did some out this world sh-t lol," and that's not so cool.

21. Sorry, Bud

Sorry, Bud
Because sorry, but getting so drunk you can't even walk while being solely responsible for your young child at a pool kind of is "some out of this world sh-t."

22. Not Cool

Not Cool
This is the first time Briana let Nova stay with him overnight and this happens, so of course she doesn't want to risk it again.

23. Weird

Oddly enough, it seems like most Teen Mom fans are torn -- some see Briana's point, but others think Devoin needs to take her to court to get set visitation.

24. Seriously Though

Seriously Though
But like ... why not just NOT get wasted while your kid who has a history of a fear of water flops around in a swimming pool?

25. Opinions?

Are you Team Briana or Team Devoin on this one?

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