Briana DeJesus: I Hope MTV Doesn't Show Me Getting an STD from My Deadbeat Baby Daddy!

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Briana DeJesus has made some poor choices in her life.

And that's OK -- everyone has.

But the unfortunate thing about Briana's poor choices is that she seems to make the same poor choice, over and over.

Girl just does not seem to care about condoms.

We've seen her deal with two unexpected pregnancies thanks to this weird condom policy, and it looks like we're going to see her deal with another consequence of this on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

And thanks to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, we have all the bizarre details ...

1. Oh Girl

Oh Girl
Briana has a lot of good qualities, she really does, but the girl just doesn't seem to have the best taste in men.

2. Oh Hey, Devoin

Oh Hey, Devoin
There was Devoin, who got super drunk at a pool last year when he was supposed to be watching their daughter, Nova, who wasn't a great swimmer.

3. There's Luis

There's Luis
There was Luis -- she got pregnant with Stella after they had a one night stand, and when she started considering abortion or adoption, he talked her into keeping the baby, then promptly split.

4. Oh No

Oh No
She dated this one guy several years back who thought it would be cool to post very intimate photos and videos of her all over social media.

5. Classic Javi

Classic Javi
Who could forget Javi?! He and Briana dated for a few months, but that ended because she wouldn't move her entire family to Delaware and marry him and have his children after those few months of dating. It didn't help that towards the end of their relationship, he was also seeing Kailyn Lowry and Lauren Comeau.

6. Not Johnny

Not Johnny
Then there was John, who may or may not have cheated on her, we never really figured that out.

7. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
So yeah, Briana just doesn't seem to have the ability to pick out a good guy, does she?

8. But WHY

And that's why she allegedly ended up hooking up with Luis last fall.

9. No Sense

No Sense
Yep, after calling him out for months for being a deadbeat dad who didn't have anything to do with their daughter, she went ahead and hooked up with him again.

10. Hold Up

Hold Up
There's a whole lot more to that story, of course, but let's switch gears for a minute so we can talk about how this whole story came to light, OK?

11. Interesting

Earlier this week, Briana made some tweets about the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 that she's since deleted.

12. Oh Really?

Oh Really?
“This season will be trash for me,” the first tweet read. “I cannot take it. Ready for everything to be over with."

13. Hmm

"I’m praying it won’t even air but whatever, it’s out of my hands now anyway," she added.

14. A Mystery

A Mystery
What could be so bad that she hopes MTV won't even air it? More drama with John? Something about her plastic surgery? Some secret family stuff that we haven't heard about?

15. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
Lucky for us, The Ashley's Reality Roundup has some details about what she's talking about ... and it is one wild story.

16. This Guy?

This Guy?
As a source told the site, Briana's tweets are probably about a certain little incident that happened with Luis.

17. Questionable

“Back in October, MTV was with Briana when she and her friend went to the club one night,” the source explained. "They went because Luis was DJing."

18. Huh?

Why would she want to go to a club because Luis was going to be there? Doesn't she hate him? Hasn't she spent a whole lot of time complaining about how awful he is?

19. Oh ...

Oh ...
The source said that she did more than just see Luis though -- according to this person, "The cameras were rolling when she and Luis went to talk outside and then Bri left in an Uber with him and they went home together.”

20. Gross

So that's ridiculous, right? To hook up with him after the kind of father he's been to Stella?

21. Please, No

Please, No
But hold on, it gets worse!

22. More Bad Choices

More Bad Choices
In addition to filming those scenes at the club, MTV also got some footage the next day of Briana "having a very graphic conversation with her friend about the hookup, and how they didn’t use any protection."

23. Honestly

Stella was conceived during a club hookup with Luis ... was she trying to get pregnant again? Does she really just not know about condoms? What is happening here?

24. No Words

No Words
But it gets worse AGAIN, because the footage also shows that "Briana was worried that she may have contracted something from that encounter."

25. Throwback

If you'll remember, last November Briana made this post on her Instagram story about her "bald baby daddy" having "the clap" ... looks like this is how she knew.

26. Taking Some Responsibility

Taking Some Responsibility
In the conversation that was filmed, Bri told her friend that she was going to get tested, which is a good thing -- it's not so great that she had the unprotected sex with the guy who doesn't take care of the child she does has, but since she already did it, we suppose it's nice that she's taking care of herself after the fact.

27. Yay?

The insider finished up the story by saying that the camera crew was also there the day that Briana got a call back from her doctor, confirming that she did catch something from Luis -- judging by that Instagram post, it was the clap, which is a little nickname for gonorrhea.

28. What a Ride

What a Ride
We don't blame her for wishing that MTV wouldn't air any of that, but we have to imagine they will anyway, and that she knows that, too.

29. A Good Point

A Good Point
Hey, on the bright side, now we know we'll get to see some solid drama during the new season, right?

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