Briana DeJesus: Time For My Deadbeat Baby Daddies to Do Some Coronavirus Babysitting!

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When a father takes care of his child, it shouldn't be called babysitting.

But when a mother has her kids 24/7 -- as her two deadbeat baby daddies dodge all parental responsibilities -- dropping the kids off with their fathers can be as nerve-racking as leaving them with an inexperienced teen who reeks of a mango Juul pod.

So it makes sense that Briana DeJesus would be a little wary about the prospect of her trusting her sperm donors to look after their offspring for a few days.

This week, DeJesus asked her followers if she should feel safe in leaving her kids with their dads for a while.

And the responses ranged from hilariously relatable to shockingly random.

Take a look:



1. Maternal Guilt Syndrome

Maternal Guilt Syndrome
Briana DeJesus is in need of some "me" time. Unfortunately, she's burdened with two deadbeat dads who have to be forced into spending time with their children.

2. The DeJesus Daughters

The DeJesus Daughters
Briana has two little girls -- Nova, 8 and Stella, 2 -- by two different men, and it seems neither of the baby daddies is stepping up these days.

3. Brittany to the Rescue

Brittany to the Rescue
Briana gets some help from her mom and sister, both of whom live with her, but she's still stressed to the breaking point.

4. Mommy Vacay

Mommy Vacay
In need of relief, Briana asked her followers this week if they felt that it would be okay for her to drop her kids off with their dads for a while.

5. A Desperate Plea

A Desperate Plea
"Would y’all judge me just as bad as I’d judge myself if i just took my kids and dropped them off at their dads for the rest of spring break??????? Lol," Bri tweeted.

6. Changing Times

Changing Times
It's worth noting that that message was sent a few days ago, and the situation regarding American schools has changed considerably in that time.

7. Under Pressure

Under Pressure
Thanks to the coronavirus, Briana's kids might home for much longer than a one-week spring break.

8. Stressful Situation

Stressful Situation
Bri now finds herself in the same situation as tens of millions of Americans who will be forced to assume the role of homeschool instructor thanks to the events of this week.

9. Maintaining Sanity

Maintaining Sanity
So she may need to rely on her baby daddies now more than ever. Assuming, of course, they're up to the task.

10. A Rare Event

A Rare Event
Fortunately, Bri has found plenty of compassion and empathy on Twitter -- and we probably don't need to tell you how rare THAT is!

11. None of Our Business!

None of Our Business!
This fan pointed out the obvious. Of course, this statement applies to about 90 percent of adult interactions, and that usually doesn't stop folks from offering their two cents.

12. A Much-Needed Break

A Much-Needed Break
Another follower pointed out that Bri deserves some time off. We're sure she knew that already, but it helps to hear it from someone else.

13. Doing the Work of Two

Doing the Work of Two
This fan suggested sending both girls to Devoin Austin -- the first, and best, of Briana's baby daddies.

14. No Explanation Needed

No Explanation Needed
And this follower helpfully pointed out that Briana doesn't owe the public an explanation or apology simply because she's a public figure.

15. Change In Plans

Change In Plans
Of course, Bri's question might be rendered meaningless by the events of the past few days, which have shocked her as much as they've shocked the rest of the world.

16. Memes Help

Memes Help
Like so many of us, Briana has found relief in joking about the coronavirus, but we're sure she recognizes the severity of the situation.

17. Or Does She?

Or Does She?
Despite everything, however, it looks as though Bri might be sticking with her travel plans.

18. Texas Bound?

Texas Bound?
Earlier this week, she tweeted that she might be headed for Texas in the weeks to come.

19. We Doubt It

We Doubt It
But we're guessing that Bri was either joking, or she didn't yet realize the severity of the situation. Either way, something tells us she'll be remaining in Orlando with her girls for quite some time.

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