Peter Weber's Ex Calee Lutes: SO Glad I Didn't End Up With That Mess!

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With all the controversies surrounding Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, it's easy to forger that Peter Weber was caught up in a mini-scandal of his own.

Along with several of Brown's other contestants, Peter was revelaed to have secret girlfriend waiting for him at home while he competed for Hannah's heart.

Peter and Calee

It seems there are two main reasons why this wasn't treated as quite as big a deal as when Jed Wyatt's girlfriend was revealed to the world:

1. Peter didn't win the season, and he didn't propose to Hannah, so he was able to run some damage control before he re-emerged into the spotlight, his "nice guy" image fully intact.

2. The girlfriend, Calee Lutes, decided not to press the issue.

To be fair, she and Peter were not as serious as Jed and his now-ex, who were reportedly considering marriage when he auditioned for the show to help "promote his music."

Peter Weber’s EX GF Calee Lutes speaks out!

But the fact is, Peter had someone waiting for him at home while he was banging Hannah four times in a windmill, which seriously adds to the guy's already-considerable ick factor.

These days, of course, Peter is dating Kelley Flanagan, and the many women whom he's broken up with in the past year are being widely congratulated on their freedom.

Fortunately, this list includes Calee.

"You dodged a bullet with Peter and his manac [sic] self!!! Praise God for better journey for you hon,” one follower wrote on Calee's Instagram this week, as reported by In Touch.

Calee Lutes Image

Having already moved on from Peter, Calee clearly didn't want to indulge in too much trash-talk.

But she still made it abundantly clear that she's very happy she didn't wind up with him.

“You’re right about that. Thank you!” Lutes responded to the remark,

”Peter is the worst kind of manipulator … so sorry you were hurt by him, but you are smarter and stronger now,” another commenter wrote.

Calee 2

Lutes replied simply, “Ahh, thank you!!!”

It certainly doesn't seem that Calee is not too broken up about her experience with Peter over the past year.

But it also seems like she's not the guy's biggest fan these days, either.

After all, it can't be easy to watch your most recent ex entertain the affections of 30 singles on national TV.

Calee 4

On the other hand, it must be sort of fun when the entire nation realizes he's kind of a douche and turns on him.

It's anyone's guess what will happen in Peter's unexpected relationship with Kelley.

But one thing seems certain -- Calee does not wish she were in Flanagan's shoes right now.

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