Joy-Anna Duggar Mom-Shamed on Instagram: Your Son Could've Been Hurt!

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These days, mom-shaming the Duggars is a favorite activity of certain social media users.

Usually this sort of thing is downright baffling -- after all, why follow a celebrity whom you clearly dislike?

Joy-Anna Duggar with Gideon

But with the Duggars, it sort of makes sense.

After all, Jim Bob and company revel in casting judgment on those they deem their moral inferiors.

So it stands to reason that social media would be chock full of folks who are more than happy to return the favor.

The latest Duggar to come under fire for her parenting practices is Joy-Anna.

Joy's Bump Selfie

These days, Joy is pregnant with her second child, and fans have been reacting to her pregnancy updates with ecstatic praise.

As a result, most of her recent posts have consisted of Joy-Anna showing off her growing baby bump.

But while the bump selfies have been receiving universal acclaim, her latest photo of son Gideon has come under serious fire.

Gideon Forsyth Makes a Mess

"Why let a toddler stand that close to the edge of the stool?" one commenter wrote.

"This is giving me anxiety," another added.

"This is no joke Duggars. Kids don't have proper balance at this age," a third chimed in.

Yes, a surprising number of Joy's followers were deeply upset.

Gonna Be a Girl!

However, others were simply in awe of young Gideon's destructive abilities.

"Can he get up on that chair himself?" one asked.

"How does this happen so far?" another queried.

And then there were the folks who demonstrated their eye for detail, including Joy's sister Jill, who wrote:

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant Piic

"Oh goodness! lol and your 'choose joy' magnet!"

Look, we can see why this pic might have the audience divided, as there's no denying that Gideon could've been injured in this scenario.

But the fact is, he wasn't.

And we're sure Joy knows more about her child and his capabilities than we do.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Hat Selfie

If she felt he was seconds away from slipping and falling, she probably wouldn't have taken her phone and snapped a pic.

And for all we know, she did so while standing close enough to grab him, should he begin to show signs of unsteadiness.

Most parents of toddlers will tell you they'd be lost without their sense of humor, and it seems Jill simply decided to laugh at this moment, rather than become upset.

As we always do in these situations, we'll remind you that there are many, many reasons to make fun of the Duggars -- you don't have to go digging for obscure ones.

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