Meri Brown Responds to Divorce Rumors: I'm Doing Great!

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Meri Brown may or may not have finally walked away from her horrible, selfish and mean-spirited husband.

But one thing we can report on for certain:

The veteran Sister Wives star is doing just fine these days, regardless of whatever she's decided.

Meri Brown Close Up

Earlier this week, amid rumors that Meri had removed her wedding ring and following a rather cryptic Instagram post, a fan asked on social media askedMeri, 49 how she's “doing."

Replied the TLC personality:

“I’m so good!! Thanks for asking!”

We're glad to hear this.

Meri Brown Dazzles in Blue

But we also have a pertinent follow-up question, which boils down to whether Meri is "so good" because she has finally chosen  to pack her bags and peace out of her plural marriage?

Or is she "so good" because she's happier in her relationship that most observers realize?

Meri, who really is a master at confusing her followers, subsequently posted an uplifting quote from Alice in Wonderland on her Instagram Story that read as follows:

“Alice: This is impossible. Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”

Meri Brown Hangs Outside

In our opinion, this would support the theory that Meri is now full-on single.

It would seem to say that critics have believed it "impossible" for Meri to break free from Kody, but that she convinced herself of the opposite and has, at last, left the so-called romance.

This is just a guess on our side, however.

Meri Brown Looks Great

On Tuesday, the reality star sparked split speculation when she captioned a photo of her smiling:

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Fans have been pushing Meri to leave Kody for months now.

The pair's marriage has clearly been in the toilet, for lack of a better term, since around 2015.

Meri Brown Appears Happy

Back then, Meri even tried her hand at dating, only to get caught up in a humiliating catfishing scandal.

She thought she had found a new man to be with online, but then learned this man was really a woman who was just yanking Meri's vulnerable chain.

Over the last year or so, Meri and Kody have been working on their marriage and even seeing a therapist.

But it hasn't given anyone much hope for their future, considering Meri admitted during one of these sessions that her relationship was dead and over.

Meri Brown in a Sister Wives Confessional

Meri, meanwhile, continues to receive support from around Sister Wives nation.

Girl you should’ve left years ago that whole relationship is just an emotional mind warp. You deserve to be happy, wrote one Instagram follower this week.

I hope you find your soulmate and stop waiting for a man who doesn’t love, you deserve to be happy, so go find you a real good man, wrote another.

I really hope you get the courage to leave Kody! You are beautiful and deserve so much better, wrote yet another.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives

As we look ahead, it remains unclear whether Sister Wives will be renewed.

And also unclear whether Kody will find a fifth wife; or a fourth wife to replace Meri.

Stay tuned, folks.

This is all far from over.

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