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Over the past several months, Meri Brown has posted a number of cryptic and mysterious messages on Instagram.

It hasn’t always been easy to decipher the meaning behind these posts.

Conversely, fans of this Sister Wives cast members are now being as loud and as clear as possible in response to many of Meri’s quotes and complaints.

Meri Brown Close Up
Photo via Instagram

And these fans are saying the following:


It’s become increasingly clear, following each and every Sister Wives episode of 2020, that Kody sucks a whole lot and his spouses are not remotely happy in their ongoing arrangement.

Meri, in particular, has been unhappy with her husband, calling him out on Twitter last week for trying to speak for her.

Meri Brown Looks Great
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While live-Tweeting this past Sunday’s installment, meanwhile, Meri also took Kody to task a bit for jumping to conclusions too much on air.

In response to this Tweet, followers jumped into Meri’s comments section and urrged her to leave her long-time husband.

“I don’t know why you stay in the marriage,” one person wrote to the reality star, while anotherr agreed and added:

"My heart hurts for you … Seems you get shot down every week.” 

And then someone else commented in regards to Kody:

“After seeing the previews for next week, [it] looks like he’s not done jumping on you. I don’t know how you put up with it.”

Meri hasn’t really put up with it.

We mean, she has, of course, because she’s still married to Kody.

Meri Brown Goes Colorful
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However, Meri did sort of try to go her own way back iin 2016, prior to getting caught up in a humiliating catfishing scandal.

Since then, she and Kody have openly talked about a new beginning and how they’re trying to leave the past behind them — but it’s very clearly been a challenge for the couple.

Ever since moving to Arizona especially, Meri has come across as extra dissatisfied with her marriage and her entire situation in Flagstaff.

As has been well documented on this very website, Sister Wives fans have been concerned about Meri on a frequent basis.

Meri Photo
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We can’t really blame them, either.

Just consider what Kody himself said on Sister Wives this week, as the star came right out and said he doesn’t want his spouses to be happy.

“You deserve to be treated better than Kody treats you,” someone else wrote to Meri on Twitter, to which someone else concurred:

“I agree. His controlling, egotistical ways and being so awful to Meri. I don’t care what happened — he can’t treat people like that and expect it to be OK.”