Kathryn Dennis: I'm Not Racist OR Ruining Cameran Eubanks' Marriage!

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Between getting slammed by three departing castmates to being accused of racist insults, Kathryn Dennis is having a rough spring.

Now, the Southern Charm star is begging fans to listen to her side of the story before they decide to hate her.

Kathryn Dennis on Insta

"I've been quiet since all this started," Kathryn Dennis begins in a written post to her Instagram Story.

"And," she adds, she was "told not to post anything."

"But I can't stand it anymore," the mother of two expresses. 

First, she addresses the racist monkey emojis that she DMed to a black radio host while mocking her to objecting to a mid-pandemic Trump rally.

Kathryn Dennis IG racism 03 of 03

"Y'all have to know that this whole thing has been blown out of context," Kathryn insists.

She laments: "I'm freakin heartbroken and SO depressed."

Kathryn writes that she is in distress "because the way I'm being portrayed is totally not true!!!"

She had initially apologized without making too many excuses, but it seems that she wanted to offer an explanation.

Kathryn Dennis apologizes for racism 01 of 02

"I use that emoji all the time bc it looks silly and awkward and that's my baseline," Kathryn claims.

"The account was anonymous," she adds. "I didn't even know who I was messaging????" 

"And now I've been labeled all this crazy stuff and it's just not true," Kathryn continues.

She expresses: "And it's not fair."

Ashley Jacobs Crashes the Party

"And I see now that I'm back on IG that some*** people are thrilled to use this situations to come up on their own. Use for their own benefit," she writes.

That may not be the clearest sentence but that happens, and we understand her meaning.

"I'm not gonna let that happen," Kathryn insists.

"Never have, never will," she declares.

"I'm making a full statement tomorrow," Kathryn teases.

"But," she writes, "I had to respond.""

Kathryn explains that she could not remain silent "[because] I cannot stand my character being annihilated."

"Please just be patient," she asked her fans, "and know this s--t is just not true."

Cameran Eubanks and Dr. Jason Wimberly

In addition to the racist emoji scandal, Kathryn has been implicated in starting a hurtful rumor.

The rumor claimed that Cameran's (very real) departure from Southern Charm was fueled by her husband having an alleged affair.

The young makeup artist accused of being his mistress says that she has never so much as met any member of the family.

"The allegations that this rumor was started by Kathryn Dennis are even more hurtful," she expressed.

Rebecca Wash Image

"I met Kathryn one time in July 2018 when I did her makeup for a photoshoot for a local clothing store," Rebecca Wash explained.

She added: "I have not seen or spoken to Kathryn since."

"I have only known her in my limited interaction in a professional capacity," Rebecca noted.

"And," she expressed, "to suggest that I am somehow associated with these allegations is dumbfounding, hurtful, and malicious."

Rebecca Wash Photo

Cameran Eubanks did what many might not -- and expressed pity and solidarity for the woman accused of boning her husband.

"It is so sad that this kind, beautiful and innocent girl had to be drug into the mud," Cameran expresed last week.

"I signed up for this by being on TV," she noted. "She didn't."

Cameran explained that "Rebecca Wash is the victim here," because she is a victim of malicious rumors and is not a public figure.

Cameran Eubanks, Dr. Jason Wimberly, and

We have to say that, despite the implications that Kathryn is the source, we do not know for sure that Kathryn started the cheating rumors.

But for the moment, the consensus among fans appears to be that Kathryn's quest for drama went too far and backfired.

We can understand her desire to get out in front of that story.

As for the racist emoji that she used ... maybe she should have stuck with her original, tweeted apology and not followed up with more excuses.

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