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Mackenzie McKee has, once again, left her husband.

At least we think this is the case.

We aren’t trying to be snarky or rude or insensitive in any way here.

We’re just really unsure what’s going on between Mackenzie and Josh at the moment.

Mackenzie McKee, Some Family

As all Teen Mom OG fans likely know well, McKee posted a lengthy message on Facebook last week in which she accused Josh of having an affair — with her cousin, Amy.

The mother of three wrote at the time that she was going to "walk away" from Josh for betraying her trust (with a relative, no less!), an unethical act that took place just a few months after Josh also cheated on her last summer.

"My family will never be the same and we are all torn. I WAS NOT only hurt by him, but by her," McKee wrote in this message, adding:

“I have cried until my eyes were swollen shut. I am in utter shock. I’m now opening my eyes to what a horrible man Josh has been."

Mackenzie McKee and Her Family

Seems pretty clear cut that the marriage is over, right?

The thing is: Mackenzie made similar claims just under a year ago, only to reverse positions after Josh swore he changed and then got down on one knee to re-propose to his wife in October.

Moreover, McKee backtracked this week and said Josh didn’t actually cheat on her.

Not in the physical sense, at least.

Mackenzie McKee: Back with Her Husband ALREADY?!

“I never used the word cheating or banging,” Mackenzie wrote on Instagram over the weekend. “For the sake of my family stop using that word."

McKee went on to call this an "emotional affair" between her husband and cousin, explaining that Josh was only going to Amy for advice on how to handle her after Mackenzie’s mother, Angie, died of cancer.

Actually sounds like a nice gesture on Josh’s part in that case — but what do we know?

Mackenzie McKee on the Gram

Despite this revelation, it does sound as if Mackenzie is still done with Josh.

She actually tells In Touch Weekly that she would have left him "a long time ago" if not for the estranged couple’s three children.

“It would have been easy. Goodbye,” Mackenzie told this tabloid.

“My family has [never] seen [a] divorce,” she added. “I’m not saying that put pressure on me, but it’s just generations and generations. I would be the first [to] split up [a] family.

Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee Picture

Mackenzie and Josh welcomed son Gannon in September 2011 and then got married two years later.

They welcomed their daughter, Jaxie in February 2014 and then their second son, Broncs, in August 2016.

The MTV personality first filed for divorce from he husband in August 2019 following those original cheating allegations.

Will she actually file the official papers once again in this latest case? She hasn’t yet said for sure.

Mackenzie and Joshua McKee

“He has been a lie," McKee wrote on Facebook last week of Josh.

"And how can you watch your wife lose her mom and make these decisions? …

‘People have tried to tell me for years Josh doesn’t love me, and I just made excuses for him. But today is the day I walk away."

Even if Josh didn’t sleep with Amy? Yes, Mackenzie says:

"Josh was texting and calling her for advice on how to handle me. To me, that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away.”