Mackenzie McKee: Taking Her Cheating Husband Back ALREADY?!

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Mackenzie McKee, bless her heart, has been through a lot in the past several months.

She lost her mother after an intense battle with cancer, she's been adjusting to being back on television with her return to Teen Mom, and her husband, Josh?

Well, he's always been awful, but apparently things have gotten a whole, whole lot worse recently.

Yep, the latest news from Mackenzie is that Josh has been having an affair with her cousin.

Just days ago, she made a statement saying that she's filing for divorce, but now?

Now we have no idea what's going on with these two.

1. So Much History

So Much History
Mackenzie and Josh have been together for a very, very long time. They started dating when she was 15, they've been married for seven years, they have three kids together -- it would probably be pretty safe to say that he's all she's ever really known when it comes to love.

2. Facts

But honestly, their relationship has never been great.

3. So Perplexing

So Perplexing
He's never really been all that nice to her, and she's said in the past that they've both cheated on each other. And after they worked that out, he cheated on her against last year while her mother was dying of cancer.

4. Trash

You remember this -- Mackenzie found out that Josh had been unfaithful, and she put "single mom" in her Instagram bio and told everyone that it was over. Only it wasn't.

5. Why Though

Why Though
Before too long, Josh made some big romantic gesture in proposing to her again, and he told her that he'd found God, which was a very big deal to her since she and especially her mother had always been very religious.

6. Bad Choice?

Bad Choice?
She decided to take him back -- that was in October of last year.

7. So Sad

So Sad
And then in December, Mackenzie's mother passed away, and that's when things went all to hell. Again.

8. A Tough Time

A Tough Time
Mackenzie was wrecked by this, which is of course understandable, but as she explained in a lengthy Facebook post she shared earlier this week, Josh wasn't exactly supportive of her in her time of grief.

9. Ouch

In her post, she explained that in the time leading up to Angie's death, she was "already in deep pain," and then after she passed, Josh was there for her -- for about two weeks.

10. Oh No

Oh No
But after those two weeks, "things changed." She wrote that "All of the sudden I was a freak for crying and being depressed. I would lay in bed and wonder why I was so crazy because that's what he made me feel like."

11. Just Awful

Just Awful
He started staying away from home, only coming home to shower between work and fishing, and instead of being upset with him, she said that she "just gave him grace and knew he didn't know how to handle it."

12. Getting Suspicious

Getting Suspicious
But apparently she started getting a feeling that something was a bit off, because she admitted to checking Josh's call and texts logs. And she found something.

13. Noooo

Just a week after her mom died, right around the same time he started being distant, "he was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her on these nights he was 'fishing' until 3 am."

14. Oh Girl

Oh Girl
So she gave the number that he'd been using so much a call ... AND IT WAS HER OWN COUSIN.

15. Torn

She said that she's not sure what exactly went on between Josh and her cousin, but that she's "cried until my eyes were swollen shut," and she's "in utter shock" about it all.

16. Well ...

Well ...
"I'm now opening my eyes to what a horrible man Josh has been," she wrote. "He has been a lie. And how can you watch your wife lose her mom and make these decisions."

17. Good

She said that she's she's always made excuses for Josh in the past, but that "today is the day I walk away." She asked for prayers, and once again she put "single mom" in her Instagram bio, and she changed her last name back to her maiden name of Douthit.

18. Some Clarifications

Some Clarifications
And then a couple of days after making that post, she did an interview to explain things further. She said that it was "petty" of her to make the Facebook post in the first place, and pointed out that there's always two sides to every story.

19. A Defense?

A Defense?
Mackenzie acknowledged that she and Josh were very young and inexperienced when they got together and that they've both made mistakes, but she also said in no uncertain terms that "he has sucked life out of me.”

20. Oh Honey

Oh Honey
“If you ask him, he says I pushed him away,” she continued. “And my side of this all is I never felt valued or loved. Out of everything I have accomplished he was never proud of me.”

21. So Complicated

So Complicated
She did say that after they got back together last year, she called him names often -- she even said that “I would tell him daily he is no good and disgusted me, but on the inside it was me screaming for him to just hold me together."

22. Wow

She's kicked him out of their home twice this year, even before all of this, and she revealed that "He says to me all the time ‘I’m just here until you find someone and I will leave,’ so we both know it was coming to an end but being together for 11 years it was just so hard.”

23. OK

And as for the cousin that Josh has been calling and texting so much, she said that "Josh and Ashley both say that a lot of them were chatting about a hair cut, and she was going through Josh to get some anxiety meds from his brother, and that Josh would come to her to talk about our problems and ask her advice."

24. Good Call

Good Call
She said again that she's not sure if anything physical happened between them, but she also said that it doesn't matter to her. "I’m tired of laying in bed and wondering," she explained. "I shouldn’t even have to wonder or worry. I feel betrayed by my own family and things will never be the same."

25. Done

At the end of the interview, she said that she hopes Josh finds someone better suited for him, and that she hopes the same for herself. So that's it, right? She's really done this time.

26. Hold Up

Hold Up
Not so fast!

27. Hmmm

Last night, Mackenzie addressed things once again on Twitter, where she wrote "I never used the word 'banging' or 'cheating.'"

28. Interesting

"Please stop stalking and digging for relatives and invading privacy," she went on. "Josh was texting and calling her for advice on how to handle me and to me that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away. Now let’s all move along."

29. Don't Do It!

Don't Do It!
So that sounds an awful lot like she's making excuses for him, right? She's telling people to leave him alone, she's saying that she never said he was actually cheating on her, and now apparently the whole thing happened because he was trying to get advice on how to help her.

30. Ugh

And yeah, she did say again that she's walking away, but this definitely sounds like she's already starting to excuse his behavior. And it's just so sad to see.

31. Answering Questions

Answering Questions
In the replies to her tweet, people had a lot to say, like the person who pointed out that she did say that Josh was having an affair in her original Facebook post. To that, she said "They refuse to call it that. But I do think an emotional affair is a thing. I do not go to men for marital advice. Unless a counselor."

32. Really Though

Really Though
Another person reminded her that she'd said they'd been texting up to 600 times a month and that it's a little odd to think that all of that was him asking for advice. She replied to that with "I was a bit dramatic on the number but it was a lot of text. In a time he should have been focusing on getting me Help."

33. Good for Her

Good for Her
She maintained that what they did was wrong even though many of her followers defended Josh because he didn't physically cheat on her (or so he says), and when someone said that they'll still end up back together, she hit back with "Nah I’m good."

34. So Bizarre

So Bizarre
But still, this is definitely a pattern for them. It's exactly what happened last year -- Josh did something shady, Mackenzie said she was done with him, she said very critical things about him and was very adamant that they'd never be together again, but then she started being less critical, then she started saying sweet things, then she started saying that maybe they'd be able to work things out, then they got back together.

35. Unfortunate

It would be nice to think that maybe this time things will be different, but we've got kind of a bad feeling about it.

36. Sad But True

Sad But True
Like it's going to take more than changing your Instagram bio to convince everyone you're finally leaving your useless husband, you know?

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