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These are very tough times for Teen Mom OG fan favorite Mackenzie McKee. In so many different and tragic ways.

Fans recall that last December, Mackenzie lost her mother, Angie Douthit, following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Around that time, the mother of three was trying to repair her strained relationship with her husband, Josh McKee.

Josh had been caught cheating on Mackenzie several months before her mother’s passing, leading to a temporary split.

Now, it looks as though the split may be permanent, as she’s threatened before but never quite followed through with.

Why? Well, Mackenzie says she caught Josh sleeping around again, this time with one of her own family members.

Crazy, right? And we know this because shockingly, Mackenzie has decided to air all of her dirty laundry in public.

Take a look … and fasten your seatbelts:

[UPDATE: Mackenzie has made some additional comments in order to clarify her initial remarks — and it sounds as though she may be experiencing some major regret.]