Mackenzie McKee: Okay, Fine, My Husband Didn't Cheat on Me. But Still!

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Mackenzie McKee would like to clarify something about her claim that her husband has been cheating on her with her cousin.

And we hope you're paying close attention because it's a rather important clarification.

Okay? Ready? Here we go...

Mackenzie and Josh McKee Gym

Mackenzie McKee's husband didn't actually cheat on her with her cousin.

We understand why you may have thought otherwise, considering the Teen Mom OG star came out last week and said her husband cheated on her with her cousin.

Did she write those exact words?

We mean, you can scroll down and decide for yourself.

The Cheater Strikes Again!

"I know many have it worse than me. This isn't a pity party. Life has thrown me some huge curve balls. Idk how I've made it here," McKee wrote several days ago in a lengthy Facebook post.

She then came right out and wrote;

"To find out that one week after my mom died ‘when he started leaving and changing his behavior’ to find he was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her on these nights he was ‘fishing’ until 3am."

Yikes, right?!?

From Bad to Worse...

Eventually, McKee wrote that this woman was actually her cousin, Ashley.

And she emphasized that it was time for her to finally "walk away," especially when you consider that Josh also cheated on Mackenzie last year.

McKee went on to explain that Josh grew more and more distant after her mom, Angie, died of cancer, although she also admitted that her own behavior changed around this time as well... understandably, of course.

“What all went on? I don’t know. My family will never be the same and we are all torn. I WAS NOT only hurt by him, but by her," Mackenzie wrote.

Caught! Again!

Within 24 hours after this Facebook post went viral, Mackenzie’s Instagram account shared a sponsored link post in her stories about the break up with the headline: “Josh cheated on me with my cousin."

Pretty straightforward, right?

Not quite apparently.

Fast forward another 24 hours and McKee posted another sponsored link to a Champion Daily story in which she provided quotes about the marital split.

In this interview, Mackenzie described Josh’s relationship with her cousin as an “emotional affair."

She said she "pulled his phone records and found he had been texting and calling a number more than necessary... and that’s when I chose that we were done for good and posted the status."

But are they actually done for good?

Let's be frank, Mackenzie said the same last year... and then Josh re-proposed on her birthday in October and she went around saying he was a totally changed man.

Now, less than a week after saying very clearly that Josh had betrayed her trust once again, Mackenzie is walking back her affair accusations.

“I never used the word cheating or banging,” Mackenzie wrote on Instagram over the weekend “For the sake of my family stop using that word.”

It feels like McKee should have said this into a mirror. But okay, noted.

Mackenzie McKee clarify

Mackenzie’s post concluded with the hope that everyone can get past the whole Josh-having-an-affair-with-her-cousin fiasco.

“I’m moving on so let’s all stop stalking my relatives and move along,” she wrote.

At this point, we have no clue what to make of Josh and Mackenzie's relationship.

It appears to be in a bad place, that's for certain.

Mac and Josh

Later, on Twitter, Mackenzie said that "Josh was texting and calling [Ashley] for advice on how to handle me and to me that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away."

It actually sounds like the actions of a thoughtful husband who isn't sure how to help his grieving wife, in our view.

But what do we know, right?

When it comes to Mackenzie and Josh, the answer is very clearly: Nothing.

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