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As previously reported in adorable detail, Tori Roloff is likely going to have more kids.

And and husband Zach made that apparent in a recent interview.

For now, however, the Little People, Big World star is clearly quite content with her two little ones, son Jackson and relatively new daughter Lilah.

Lilah Roloff at 5 Months
Photo via Instagram

The latter was born toward the end of November 2019 — and Tori just provided Instagram followers with an extensive update on the baby.

"Our bean is 5 months old!!" wrote Tori as the opening up a lengthy caption to the precious photos above and below.

"This month has been the most fun we’ve had with Lilah girl yet!!" the reality star continued, referencing both Lilah’s personality and these challenging times:

"She is so much happier and can finally just hang!!

"It’s been such a weird month with not seeing anyone in person but she’s had lots of FaceTime dates with grandmas and grandpas!"

Photo via Instagram

Roloff had recently expressed gratitude for her situation, given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Here, however, as she’s done about once per month, Tori mostly focused on Lilah and all she can do these days.

"Lilah girl can hold her head up and push up during tummy time!’ wrote the proud mother, adding that "she’s sleeping through the night."

That is huge news, folks!

Photo via Instagram

As for what else Lilah is up to and/or what else Lilah can do?

I can feel one tooth coming through and girl has been teething like crazy.

Lilah does not like to sit still any more (as captured in photos) and will scoot all around the room.

She loves her brother and smiles whenever he interacts with her.

Home girl loves to kick and move her legs.

She is grabbing everything in sight too!

Tori and Zach Roloff and Kids
Photo via Instagram

Not to get all cheesy, but:

During these troubling and very frightening times, it’s refreshing simply to read a post such as this, isn’t it?

And to see such gorgeous photos and to hear from a generally popular and loving television personality, right?

Tori Roloff really does come across as one of us; as a caring and gracious and everyday person who just happens to be on a television program.

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff Speak and Reflect
Photo via TLC

Concluded Tori, once more citing the shelter-at-home orders and Coronavirus outbreak:

We have missed wrapping our arms around loved ones this past month but spending time with this girlsie makes it all a little more manageable!! We love you Lilah Ray!

Thanks for the update, Tori!

It really is appreciate.