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Danielle Mullins has been in intense feuds with everyone from bloggers to 90 Day Fiance beekeeper Anna Campisi, but most of all with her ex.

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined this development between Danielle and Mohamed Jbali.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle

Danielle Mullins Jbali appeared on the first episode of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

She revealed that she is considered an essential worker, because she does home care for disabled adults in their homes.

Danielle is also sheltering in place with seven other people.

Among them are her son and his fiancee, who is pregnant.

Danielle Mullins Answers Fan Questions

Naturally, Danielle also spoke about her ex, Mohamed Jbali, whose last name she still shares.

"We divorced 34 months after our marriage,’ Danielle recalls.

She confirms: "I haven’t seen Mohamed in three years."

Mohamed eventually moved to Texas to live and work after their split, but now he is traveling a lot more.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins, Wedding Day

But just because she has not seen him for three years does not mean that she has not heard from him.

“He reached out to me about a month ago," Danielle reveals.

That is, no joke, genuinely shocking.

"And," she discloses, "we have been chit-chatting here and there."

Danielle Mullins Wears Pink

It sounds like the two exes have made a lot of emotional progress after years of separation.

"We have forgiven each other," Danielle announces.

"And," she adds, "we’re building a friendship."

Not everyone believes in forgiveness, but plenty of those who do would never build a friendship. This is such a surprise.

Mohamed Jbali and Dog Look at the Snow

"He is out on the road driving a truck," Danielle notes.

As we have previously reported, Mohamed spoke last year of his intention to take up truck driving. He is currently in California.

"I’m more concerned about his well-being as a friend," she expresses.

"And," Danielle acknowledges, "it’s scary to be out there by yourself with all this going on."

Danielle Mullins Smiles in the Sunlight

Just a few years ago, Danielle was trying to have Mohamed deported.

Their marriage was one where, quite frankly, they were both trying to use the other.

Danielle wanted sex, and allegedly did shady things in Mohamed’s name, financially.

Mohamed, fans believe, was looking for a way to come ot the US. The two were extremely bitter exes.

Mohamed Jbali with Facial Hair

Somehow, they have made piece, which is truly amazing.

It is also something that most fans would not know if Danielle had simply shared it on social media.

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined isn’t the most riveting or dramatic spinoff of the franchise.

It isn’t supposed to be.

Danielle Mullins

This spinoff, filmed by the stars themselves in their own homes so that no one is in any added danger from the pandemic, is simple.

We see the stars going through their lives while most of them are just as stuck at home as the rest of us.

It’s a bit of a dose of Where Are They Now, but the stars — for better or for worse — are in charge of what gets recorded.

TLC then edits things for time and merges them together, and it really starts to feel like we’re all going through this together. Which we are.