Tori Roloff Expresses Gratitude Amid Pandemic ... and Possibly Shades Sister-in-Law

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Did Tori Roloff really just go there?

Did the Little People, Big World star really just go on the passive aggressive attack against her sister-in-law, Audrey?

Some social media users believe so, and this is why...

Cradling Lilah

Early last week, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff hosted a podcast in which they tried to give listeners some advice amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and related shelter-at-home orders across the country.

They likely meant well by doing so.

But the famous couple was quickly dragged by many observers afterward because they came across as super privileged, seemingly unaware that most folks out there aren't as rich as they are.

There's just something tone deaf after anyone with lots of property -- and no concern about job or financial loss -- offering any words of wisdom to folks who live a very different life, you know?

And who are in far more dire circumstances.

Audrey and Jeremy on Easter

Later, Audrey was once again slammed for apparently not social distancing on Easter.

So, where does Tori fit into this recent onslaught of criticism against her loved ones?

The mother of two took to her own Instagram page on Saturday and posted a pretty picture of herself and baby daughter Lilah.

She included with it a caption that made it very clear that she isn't Audrey -- she fully comprehends how fortunate she is to be in the situation she's in.

Tori and Zach Roloff and Kids

"Today I was walking around the farm and stopped to feed Lilah girl in the gazebo where Zach and I got married," wrote Tori, continuing as follows:

"Wow. It was in that moment I realized how blessed I am.

"In these crazy times of uncertainty it’s really made me slow down and appreciate every moment of every day.

"Our family is so lucky to be able to get outside and get exercise and we realize this isn’t a luxury afforded to everyone."

Tori and Zach on Easter

Was Tori calling out Audrey with this message?

Was she emphasizing her good fortune and acknowledging how different she is from others because Audrey was recently trashed for not doing so?

Or was she just being her usual, selfless and thoughful self, with no regard or thought given to Audrey at all?

Tori and Zach Roloff on LPBW

Concluded the popular reality star:

I really pray that y’all are staying mentally healthy though. Even sitting out in your backyard for a picnic can have such a positive influence on your day.

We’re all in this together people!! Praying your healthy right now!

In her comments section, meanwhile, a follower remarked that she was really struggling these days, to which Tori replied:

I can’t imagine some families who aren’t as fortunate as us and we pray for them every day. We also pray we get through this soon!

On the Beach with Jackson

Pretty great, right?

Zach Roloff recently opened up about how close his son is to Audrey's daughter, so the odds of Tori purposely hurling shade at her sister-in-law here seem pretty low.

But the contrast between the women and their outlook on life, along with their self-awareness levels, is rather stark, don't you think?

Audrey could learn some things from Tori.

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