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With their legal battle continuing to rage against the British press, we’ve now gotten an inside look at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s awkward —  and at times heated —  interactions with the former’s father.

Yes, it’s time to talk about Thomas Markle again.

har and thom

Last October, Markle filed a lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday for publishing exchanges between her and her controversial dad.

She and Harry are taking the publication to legal task for printing a letter Meghan sent Thomas in August 2018, one in which she questions why her father has talked so often to the media about their damaged relationship.

Now, in documents filed as part of this action, texts Harry sent to Thomas have also been made public.

And they’re quite interesting to read.

The text messages were sent by Harry on May 14, 2018, five days before he exchanged vows with Meghan.

As you may recall, Thomas Markle has turned down the Royal Wedding invitation at that point — partly due to health issues, but also due to an ongoing scandal at the time in which the world learned he had agreed to let the paparazzi snap photos of him…

… in exchange for money.

Eff Those Royals

In the first text that’s been revealed, Harry says he and his fiancee are NOT mad at Thomas for skipping the nuptials.


Tom, Harry again! Really need to speak to u, writes Harry. U do not need to apologize, we understand the circumstances but ‘going public’ will only make the situation worse.

The Prince, here, is referring to Thomas’ penchant for speaking to reporters about the situation.

Continues Harry:

If u love Meg and want to make it right please call me as there are two other options which don’t involve u having to speak to the media, who incidentally created this whole situation.

So please call me so I can explain.

Meg and I are not angry, we just need to speak to u. Thanks.

Prince Harry in a Nice Suit

The new legal papers outline the extent to which Markle and Harry messaged and called Thomas to reach out to him after he got sick in the days before the wedding.

He was admitted to hospital with “acute chest pain” on May 3, 2018, the papers confirm.

“I’ve called and texted but haven’t heard back from you so hoping you’re okay,” Meghan also messaged, as revealed in the these same court documents.

On May 6, 2018 Meghan and Harry learned that Thomas — who was “harassed and humiliated” by the Mail on Sunday, according to Meghan’s attorneys — had posed for the aforementioned paparazzi photos.


Markle, the papers explain, attempted to help… privately.

They say she tried to arrange “logistics and supplies for her father discretely and with privacy, with care taken not to feed the press; that she is trying to protect her father from heightened press intrusion and scrutiny and that he should keep a low profile until the wedding.”

Lawyers acting on behalf of the Duchess say the just-released texts have been included for a reason.

They’re meant to set out the "full exchanges" in messages between Meghan and her dad in the lead up to the wedding, rather than relying on the defendant’s "highly partial summary of them."

Thumbs Up, Guys

Writes Harry in another text to his future father-in-law:

Oh any speaking to the press WILL backfire, trust me Tom. Only we can help u, as we have been trying from day 1.

When Thomas told TMZ prior to his daughter’s wedding day that he had suffered a heart attack… it was the first that Meghan heard of it, according to the new court papers.

When her father texted, Meghan texted back on May 15, 2018.

Eff Those Royals

I’ve been reaching out to you all weekend but you’re not taking any of our calls or replying to any texts…, Meghan wrote, according to the texts in the court papers.

Very concerned about your health and safety and have taken every measure to protect you but not sure what more we can do if you don’t respond…Do you need help?

Can we send the security team down again? I’m very sorry to hear you’re in the hospital but need you to please get in touch with us…

What hospital are you at? …

Please please call as soon as you can… all of this is incredibly concerning but your health is most important.

Thomas Markle, of course, has continued to speak to the press over the last two years.

He has complained about his daughter cutting him off and has said on many occasions that he’s beeen treated very unfairly.

The new legal filings followed Meghan and Harry’s announcement on Sunday that they and their representatives will not deal with four U.K. outlets, announcing “there will be no corroboration and zero engagement” in a letter to the editors.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa

The Duke and Duchess- — who moved to Los Angeles with their son Archie in March and broke free from the Royal Family — say they fundamentally disagree with the “style of reporting” of these four tabloids.

They are:

The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Express.

And the famous couple says these outlets have “pulled apart” the lives of many individuals.