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It was totally on between Kody Brown and Meri Brown on the latest episode of Sister Wives.

And now fans of this long-running series are going off on a feud that appears to have hit its apex.

kod with mer

This past Sunday night, Kody and Meri returned to Las Vegas to visit a marriage counselor.

It’s been evident for quite a long time now that the latter is unhappy in her relationship, with Meri saying flatly on the installment that this romance is over.

Kody, for his part, didn’t really offer up a counter during this therapy session.

If anything, he offered up reasons for why he never should have married Meri in the first place.

Meri Brown in a Sister Wives Confessional
Photo via TLC

“I feel like I was deceived into those covenants,” the Sister Wives star told producers of the perpetual promises he made to Meri in the fundamentalist Mormon temple when they got hitched in 1990.

“Meri and I had a very fast courtship with a lot of expectations, a lot of not communicating, and I didn’t really know the person I was marrying," Kody continued, expressing extreme and very personal regret.

Kody came across as someone who was done with his first wife.

And perhaps as someone pondering the addition of a fifth wife for real.

Kody Brown in Some Therapy
Photo via Tlc

"As things unfolded, I started to become very troubled, even bitter by the situation I was in," Kody went on, simply trashing Meri and his history with her.

"I had gotten to a point where I was ready to wash my hands [of my relationship with Meri],” he told the counselor as Meri looked on, clearly horrified.

The husband of four explained that he’s remained in this relationship simply “out of moral obligations that I made covenants to in deception" and because he made a "committment," prior to once again slamming his first wife:

"She goes completely into victim mode,” Kody said of Meri.

Kody Brown for Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

The polygamist father of 18 even claimed that he had tried to “save” Meri for years.

Eventually, Kody said, he burned out and could no longer feel guilty for her unhappiness.

“I cannot be her Jesus. I tried doing that for years,” he declared. “I got a rescue complex. All I’m trying to point out here It’s just exhausting sometimes.”

Wow, huh?

Brown, Kody

In response to the exchanges and admissions on Sunday night, Sister Wives fans are divided.

This is what some are saying who are on Team Kody:

I can’t be the only one who thinks Kody isn’t in the wrong in the Meri situation, one Twitter user wrote. She doesn’t get along with anyone in the family. Pretty telling.

Meri is highly manipulative and she knows. I think she would leave if it wasn’t for #SisterWives,” another person wrote on Twitter.

If everyone who (for whatever reason) loves you says you act like a victim, then LISTEN! another added.

Staring Down Kody
Photo via Tlc

And those on Team Meri?

Kody is just making sh-t up now and blaming Meri for imaginary things that he won’t even explain, just say you hate her already and get it over with, one Twitter user stated during the couple’s counseling session.

Said someone else:

It’s not fair that Kody doesn’t act like a husband to Meri. He has 3 other wives to have sex with. She doesn’t. That’s a horrible thing to do to a marriage, where she has no other options.

Then there was the individual who brought up the couple’s daughter, Mariah:

How dare you say you regret your relationship with Meri- she gave you a child… and you regret your marriage and relationship with her?

You’re a pathetic excuse for a man. Disgusting. How all these women follow you I don’t understand or know why.

So there you have it, folks.

Fans aren’t sure who to root for in this disintegrating marriage, which means we need your help.

Consider what both selfiish husband and dissatisfied wife have said throughout their feud and then VOTE down below:

Whose side are you on?!?