Roloff Farms: What Is It Actually Worth?

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Little People, Big World has spent the last several months talking at length about Roloff Farms.

Most of last season was spent with Matt and Amy Roloff arguing over whether or not the latter would sell her chunk of this property to the former.

And thus far this season, Matt and Amy Roloff have continued to argue, most recently over a fence Matt wanting to construct a new fence on the land in order to signify how things have changed.

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With all this talk about Roloff Farms, many observers have found themselves wondering:

What, exactly, are we discussing here?

Which is to say: What are the ex-spouses debating here? Is the farm really worth a lot of money? Is it a profitable business? Or is this more of a symbolic back-and-forth?

Let's dig in to the answer, shall we?

Matt Roloff Sits on the Farm

Although the property isn't on the market, according to Zillow, it was assessed at $1,657,830 in 2018.

Not too shabby, right?

Not only is the farm used for the annual pumpkin patch, which draws thousands of customers from all over the country, but folks can also get private tours of the farm and visit the on-site store.

Just visit the official website and you can purchase Roloff Salsa, along with other items.

Those sales add up and they all contribute to the worth of the company overall.

Amy Roloff Makes a Point

The business started on 34 acres and transformed into 100 acres of farmland, specially built structures and an impressive main house.

Such success helps explain why Matt Roloff's net worth is rumored to be $4.5 million.

Also not shabby, right?

As for how last year's transaction between Matt and Amy affected both of their bottom lines?

Amy Roloff on Season 20

In 2019, Amy sold the majority of her stake in Roloff Farms to Matt and moved off the property altogether.

Up until that point, as fans of this series know well, she had still lived in the main house, despite the couple's 2016 divorce.

It was an unusual setup and it was expected that, at some point, one of them would make the move off the property. 

This has now occurred, as a price of somewhere around $600,000, based on reports late last year after the deal went through.

Matt Roloff Talks Amy

Just to be clear, though: Amy sold a parcel of the land.

She still owns a piece of the actual business and still makes money from all the aforementioned activities and endeavors: From the store sales to the private tours.

For the most part, however, Matt is in charge of the day-to-day operations on the farm.

It's worth noting, something, however:

Jeremy and Matt Roloff

Matt has hinted at recent times that he may be done with the farm. He may move full-time down to Arizona, where he owns a house.

If this happens, what will become of the business? Will Jeremy actually take over, as has long been speculated?

We can't say for certain right now. 

Stay tuned, people.

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