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While Tiger King star Joe Exotic remains behind bars, Jeff Lowe has remained free to continue to smear him.

On top of all of the horror stories that we have all heard about Joe’s treatment of animals under his "care," he is now accused of bestiality.

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe was featured on Tiger King.

He is the Las Vegas playboy to whom, for legal reasons, Joe turned over ownership of his zoo.

Since the documentary aired on Netflix to unprecedented ratings, Jeff has made a number of claims about Joe.

While animal cruelty charges are a huge part of why Joe is behind bars, Jeff says that the killing and neglect are only part of the abuse.

Joe Exotic Mugshot

Jeff Lowe held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit recently, where horrified Tiger King viewers took him at his word.

"I was wondering what (if any) weird S*IT have you found out about Joe Exotic since he’s been incarcerated randomly around the park?" asks one redditor.

"I think the weirdest thing we found is that it found was a flash drive of Joe and [John Finlay]," Jeff responds.

"And," he claims, "they were having sexual relations with animals in the park."

John Finlay on Tiger King

"That would probably be the weirdest thing about Joe," Jeff’s reply continues.

He concludes his reply with: "Thanks for the disturbing question."

Well, we suppose that we should thank Jeff for the disturbing answer.

If and only if we believe him.

First and foremost, the syntax of Jeff Lowe’s comment makes his claim a little unclear.

Joe is believed to be afraid of tigers, though since Jeff was not very specific, it’s not clear if the claim refers to tigers (or only to tigers).

"Sexual relations with animals in the park" seems to imply bestiality — which is, by the way, illegal in Florida due to a recent law.

Some wondered if Jeff was playing word games, and if Joe and John Finlay had simply had sex in proximity to the captive animals.

Joe Exotic & Baby Cub

A lot of Reddit comments that followed were telling Jeff exactly what they thought of him.

Reddit may be a cesspool, but plenty of people had enough sense to see that pretty much everyone in Tiger King was a villain of some kind.

Some noted that he had implied that other people had engaged in bestiality.

In fact, a lot of the replies suggested that maybe Jeff is trying to deflect accusations of "playtime with the animals" from himself onto others.

Meet Joe Exotic

Some of the accusations that Jeff has lobbied against Joe are innocuous.

For example, he described finding gear related to BDSM on the property. That’s a normal, if certainly not universal, kink.

He has also accused Joe of hiring male sex workers. That’s only scandalous because it’s illegal, and that illegality is pretty unjust.

Most people aren’t too worked up over the idea of Joe using the zoo as his personal piggy bank to fund his lifestyle, either.

Joe Exotic and Friend

On the other hand, he has accused Joe Exotic of straight-up murder.

He has claimed that he was approached separately by four different people who do not know each other.

They informed him, allegedly, that Joe had shot two protestors who tried to climb his fence.

Joe allegedly instructed employees to bury them somewhere on the property. What a horror.