Matt Roloff Drops New Hint That He May Move Off the Farm

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As previously reported, Little People, Big World will return with new episodes on March 31.

Mark your calendars, folks!

But while fresh Roloff Family adventures will soon air on TLC, many fans are now asking themselves a pertinent and troubling question:

Matt and His Favs

Might Matt Roloff soon be off on his very own adventure?

One that takes him away from his farm, his home state of Oregon and, presumably, away from this beloved reality show in general?

This may be premature to wonder about at the moment, but Matt has dropped hints in the past that he's itching for a change.

For starters, of course, he purchased a home in Arizona back in 2018 and has been spending a great deal of time there with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Matt Roloff Cradles Bode James Roloff

And while Matt did buy most of his ex-wife's farm property late last year, he's also come right out and admitted in the past that he lacks the same passion he once possessed to run this giant operation.

“There’s part of me that wants to keep the farm and build a house that suits me, but part of me just wants to sell the farm and liquidate it and move on,” Matt once said about the iconic property.

He even added at the time:

"I want my own path away from the farm. It’s a burden.”

Couple is Disneyland

Relatedly, Matt recently shared blueprints of a large house he wants to build -- and it's unclear if this house is meant for the farm or someplace else.

"Last week I attended the #ibs2020 (international builders show) to get all the latest and greatest construction ideas," Roloff wrote on Instagram in early February, making it clear he was serious by adding:

"Now it’s time to express some pent-up creativity.. #staringtoplan #mydreamhome."

Again, it must be asked: Where will this dream home be located?

Caryn Chandler and Her Man

The inquiry is relevant once again because, on March 9, Matt posted photos to his Instagram Story that depict the layout of his a future residence on his laptop.

And the house he’s dreaming of looks massive and beautiful, that's for sure.

“Layed with my new house plans for a few hours,” he captioned one of the pictures, showing the possible interior of the home.

“Decided I really needed to simplify a few roof line areas.”

He then noted he went to the “local window distributor” to see what they had and “made adjustments” as necessary to the plan.

mr insta

You can see the picture in question above.

Does it look like a structure that could be built on the farm? Maybe, right? Possibly.

We're admittedly just taking some wild guesses here.

But we're taking them based on these facts:

  1. Matt has expressed an interest in being done with the farm.
  2. Matt clearly wants to build his dream home.

What will this mean for both himself and his family and Little People, Big World moving forward?

We cannot say for certain.

But stay tuned, folks.

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