Matt Roloff Officially Divides the Farm in Emotional Little People, Big World Clip

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Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff separated in 2014 and filed for divorce in 2015.

Their marriage has been over for years, but -- as Little People, Big World fans know well -- the former spouses have continued to both live together and work together on their co-owned farm ever since their split.

Not any longer, however.

Amy Talks About a Wall

And, on the April 14 episode of the aforementioned TLC series, Matt will make this change official.

In a sort of controversial manner.

Following their legal break-up, Amy and Matt equally split their assets...  including Roloff Family Farms.

However, Amy eventually accepted Matt's buyout and started the process of finding a new home off of the farm, which is where the latest season of Little People, Big picked up last month

Matt Roloff Talks Amy

Now, in a clip first posted by Good Housekeeping, we see Matt unloading construction materials in preparation for building a "wall" to divide their spaces.

Yes, an actual wall.

Or, as Matt admits, something beyond a mere physical wall.

"It's very symbolic. It's more than a fence, it's a symbol ... the farm's changed," Matt tells his ex-wife in an attempt to explain his decision behind the project.

Matt Roloff Sits on the Farm

Although Amy believes that "the farm changed six years ago," back when the pair split, she agrees that there's something symbolic about the fence.

"The fence is really something that indicates the times that are going on with the farm -- divorce, I'm moving off, Matt's on the other side," Amy says in this sneak peek, adding;

"So it's an indication that, yes, we always thought of it as one big property, but this is really two separate properties."

Talking About Matt

A short while later, the two start arguing about whether the road between the properties is officially called a "flag lot" or a "neck."

"I think not being in that kind of relationship with Matt, I'm learning how to find my voice again," Amy says, reflecting on the exchange.

"That was just a moment of exerting my thoughts and opinions instead of letting it go, instead of saying, 'Yeah whatever. Yep you're right.'"

Amy has since found a new house and has openly talked about the challenges of leaving the place she called home for nearly 30 years.

Amy Roloff Makes a Point

As for the relationship between Amy and Matt?

It's pretty darn amicable, when you think about how frequently they've been forced to hang out together after their divorce and when you think about the cheating allegations Amy has hurled in Matt's direction.

Even after Amy made these accusations, Matt said she was a "genuine person" and refused to truly bad mouth his ex-wife.

All things considered, no matter what we see in this new clip, Amy and Matt are to be applauded for how they've handled the end of their marriage.

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