Kathryn Dennis' Ex Sues Bravo, Cast for Making Fun of His "Ken Doll" Dong!

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Last year, we reported that Kathryn Dennis was dating a new disgraced senator, a Florida man by the name of Joe Abruzzo.

Now, he is suing Bravo as well as multiple Southern Charm cast members ... for a whopping $10 million. Get ready to laugh.

Kathryn Dennis and Joseph Abruzzo

Last year, Southern Charm revealed that Kathryn was (briefly) dating a controversial Floridian politician named Joe Abruzzo.

Many felt that the dude was a royal jerk towards Kathryn.

(We're not going to blame her for having a "type" -- we all know that some people are just drawn to awful dudes)

Kathryn's friends and castmates were not impressed by Joe in the slightest.

Kathryn Dennis Flaunts a Diamond Ring

On screen, we saw a few castmembers disparage Joe -- mostly just roasting him.

It turns out that Joe has been steaming over this humiliation ever since.

Most viewers have probably forgotten what was said about him.

But this $10 million lawsuit is sure to jog a lot of memories.

Joseph Abruzzo speaks

Joe Abruzzo is suiting Bravo, Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner, and Madison LeCroy.

The lawsuit is over comments that they made during an episode of Southern Charm.

But, on paper, Joe is suing them all for "emotional distress, fraud, negligence, and defamation."

And he says that Bravo's "malicious" edit only made things worse.

Southern Charm: Madison

If you've forgotten what was a mostly forgettable scene, it details some of the show's stars viewing alleged nudes of Joe online.

"Oh. His penis looks like a Ken Doll," Madison scoffed at the images that she found. "Like, it’s just a bulge."

Chelsea then chimed in: "Look at that, it’s like a ‘mangina.'"

Those are, admittedly, not terribly nice things to say.

Chelsea Meissner

It sounds like what really set off Joe was that Bravo blurred the photos.

According to his lawsuit, they would not have been able to see his actual genitals in the pics.

Therefore, he claims, Bravo deceived the audience to make him look bad by way of "intentional and malicious blurring."

The idea is kind of like when you bleep an innocuous word on TV to make it sound like someone is swearing. But with Joe's junk.

Craig Conover

"Well, he’s a disgraced politician in Florida…" Craig Conover commented on the show.

"He’s not running for re-election because of his divorce," he noted.

Continuing to speak of Joe, Craig added: "His wife is accusing him of being physically abusive."

Joe complains that Craig's offhand comments caused him to be portrayed in a "false light."

Kathryn Dennis on Insta

We're not sure why this matters to him, but his lawsuit also claims that he is the one who dumped Kathryn, not the other way around.

"Dennis almost immediately began imploring Plaintiff Abruzzo to be on the show," his lawsuit alleges.

Kathryn allegedly went about "telling Abruzzo that if she were to get married, she believed the Corporate Defendants would pay big money."

The idea was that Bravo would pay "for rights to televise her wedding, honeymoon, an exclusive, and other things of that nature."

Southern Charm Glamping Photo

So Joe is suing Bravo for causing alleged "emotional distress.”

“The emotional distress suffered was severe such that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it," he complains.

"And," Joe gripes, "it had physical manifestations of pain, loss of sleep, nervousness, stress, anxiety, damage to reputation, and other manifestations."

If being portrayed as a disappointing boyfriend on reality TV is grounds for a lawsuit, just about every reality star in the business could do the same.

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