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Thomas Ravenel is a disgraced former politician who has been accused of violence and has a criminal record.

Unfortunately, as Wednesday night’s new episode of Southern Charm revealed, another man matches that description.

Kathryn Dennis was singing the praises of her new boyfriend, but her castmates worried that he’s a carbon copy of Thomas.

Kathryn Dennis on Insta

Kathryn Dennis was the first to admit that her new man, Joseph Abruzzo, 

"I’m actually dating someone," Kathryn shared on Southern Charm. "Apparently, I have a type, he’s a senator."

He’s actually a former state senator, hailing from the state of Florida, who announced that he was stepping down in February of 2018.

"I really like him a lot," Katryn gushed. "He’s kind."

"He’s got a 3-year-old son," she noted. "And he wears sunless tanner like me."

Joseph Abruzzo speaks

That wasn’t the end of what Kathryn says that she and the 38-year-old have in common.

"Not only that," Kathryn revealed. "But he told me he has a psycho ex."

She added: "She has a mugshot just like Thomas."

That’s … not extremely encouraging news, especially if he’s characterizing her as a "psycho" ex.

And one of Kathryn’s good friends explained why that is.

Naomie Olindo

Naomie Olindo proved once again that she’s more than just a phenomenally pretty face, confiding her concerns to the camera.

"I want to be happy for Kathryn," she expressed.

"But this kind of sounds like exactly what Thomas would say to a new girlfriend about Kathryn," Naomie pointed out.

Women can be nuts just like men. But more often than not, if a guy says that his ex was a "crazy b–ch," he was the actual problem. Just saying.

"That’s a red flag waving this big in front of Kathryn’s face," Naomie characterized, waving her arms for illustrative effect.

Kathryn Dennis in a Fancy Hat

Craig Conover did some research and uncovered some very alarming reports.

He related that information to Chelsea Meissner.

"Well, he’s a disgraced politician," Craig pointed out.

"He’s not running for re-election because of his divorce," he noted.

Worst of all, Craig added: "His wife is accusing him of being physically abusive."

Kathryn Dennis and Joseph Abruzzo

Like Kathryn, Craig observed parallels between Kathryn and Abruzzo … after a fashion.

Because it sounded to him like this dude would just be Thomas 2.0.

"Everything we know about Kathryn and Thomas’ relationship," Craig observed. "Is everything this guy’s ex-wife is saying about him."

It is heartbreaking to see someone who has made such tremendous strides, as Kathryn has, take a giant leap backwards.

Chelsea lamented the idea of seeing Kathryn in another toxic relationship.

Kathryn Dennis Looks Gorgeous

"I would just hate for her to fall back into anything like that after she’s come so far," Chelsea said.

"But at the end of the day," she expressed. "It’s going to be her life lesson."

Craig made it clear that he wasn’t really interested in watching Kathryn suffer through yet another toxic nightmare.

He protested: "But she already had her life lesson!"

Yep!! She sure did.

Hunter Price and Kathryn Dennis

The good news for those who care about Kathryn Dennis and her well being is that, clearly, things with Abruzzo didn’t work out.

These episodes were filmed some time ago, of course. Circumstances have changed since this week’s episode was filmed.

For months, Kathryn has been dating Country singer Hunter Price.

Unlike Abruzzo, he’s not throwing up Thomas Ravenel-esque red flags left and right.

It’s also nice to see Kathryn date someone who’s at least close to her hotness bracket.

Not to be shallow, but it’s a refreshing change.