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These days, Kailyn Lowry is about as secretive as a reality star can be.

Lowry is pregnant her fourth child, and while she makes certain concessions to fame, for the most part, the Teen Mom 2 star would prefer to carry this baby as far away from the spotlight as possible.

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For example, when the time came to for Kailyn to pick out a baby name, she asked for help from fans.

They eagerly obliged, possibly out of fear that Kail would once again choose something as ridiculous as "Lux."

(Just kidding, Kail!)

But on other issues, such as the nature of her relationship with Chris Lopez, Kail is her usual cagey self.

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Earlier this week, Chris made an appearance on Kail’s Instagram Story.

He was with her in a hair salon as the two of them promoted her Pot Head hair care line.

Why either of them was in a hair salon amid the coronavirus pandemic is anyone’s guess, but there they were, seemingly unconcerned about following social distancing guidelines in the hard-hiit state of Delaware.

But fans were less concerned with Lowry’s indifference toward flattening the curve, and more interested in the fact that she was hanging out with Lopez.

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Could this mean they’re back together?

Has Kail finally lifted her restraining order against Chris?

We may never find out, as it looks like Kail and Chris are once again on bad terms.

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, a fan asked Kail a very poignant question:

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

“How [do you] get over a breakup?” the follower wanted to know, as reported by In Touch. “I’m struggling.”

"When you figure it out, please let me know. Because same," Lowry replied.

Fortunately, it seems she hasn’t given up hope entirely.

Kail followed that up by sharing a poem from R.M. Drake that reads:

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“One day, you will be where / you want to be, and you / will find peace there and / who knows, maybe you / will even find love there."

Looks like people named Drake have a knack for waxing poetic about heartbreak!

Of course, Lowry and Lopez have broken up many times before, and it seems that Kail isn’t too terribly upset about this latest split.

During the same Q&A, a fan asked Lowry how she’s holding up, what with carrying a baby in these strangest of strange times:

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As you can see, Lowry offered an update via a baby bump selfie.

Lopez drama aside, this pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one for the mother of three.

Earlier this month, Lowry fell down the stairs outside her home, but thankfully, both mother and unborn son were unharmed.

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When another fan asked Kail if she and her boys are excited about he new addition, Lowry replied, “We are really anxious.”

Now that’s an understandable sentiment if ever there was one.

We wish Kail all the best in the final months of her pregnancy.