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As you’ve likely heard by now, Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fourth child.

The circumstances are less than ideal, but Kail couldn’t be more excited about welcoming another son, and she’s been happily offering updates as the big day draws near.

Kailyn Rae

Unfortunately, the latest news from Kail has caused widespread concern among fans.

It seems that while letting her dogs out on Monday morning, Lowry suffered a fall down a flight of stairs.

She recounted the frightening incident in her Instagram Story later that day.

“So, this morning, I got up at like 6:30 [a.m.] to let my dogs out, and I was reading a text on my phone, and I missed the last three stairs [while walking down them],” Lowry told fans, according to In Touch.

Lowry, Kailyn Rae

“I fell, and I was really scared. … I called for Isaac and [friend Natalie’s son] Kaden to come get me, because I thought that I broke my ankle,” she added.

Fortunately, the situation — while frightening and no doubt very painful — was not as dire as it could have been.

"The baby’s OK,” Lowry assured fans.

And it seem that despite the difficult circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, Kail will get to enjoy a few days of restful recuperation.

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

“Javi [Marroquin]‘s gonna come get the kids from me, and I’m on crutches for, hopefully, only a few days," she added.

"I’ve never had a sprained ankle before, so I guess we’re gonna see how this goes,” 

Yes, it sounds as though Kail and Javi are back on good terms — at least for the time being.

As for Kail and Chris Lopez — well, that’s a different story.

Kail is pregnant with Lopez’s baby, but she made no mention of him in her in video.

We don’t know if she updated him on her condition, but we do know that he deserves to be left in the dark.

Lowry filed for a restraining order against Lopez back in October, and while he’s once again permitted to make contact with his baby mama, it seems Chris has returned to his deadbeat ways.

The good news is, Kail has likely learned her lesson by now and won’t be expecting Chris to behave more responsibly once the baby arrives.

Kailyn Lowry on the Instagram

Speaking of silver-ligings, a very pregnant Kail has spent most of the past month cooped up with three rambunctious boys, but she’s been focusing on making the most of the situation.

“Being home 24/7 has been a huge change for myself [and] the kids, but moments like this, outside making memories, have been getting us through it,” she posted on April 9.

“I’m grateful for the extra time we get together, and I know they will remember this time as something special.”

We’re sure they will — but a few days of lying on the couch watching Law & Order reruns while Javi picks up the slack will probably be a nice change of pace.