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From the moment we learned that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child, the social media world of Teen Mom 2 fans was abuzz with speculation about the identity of Lowry’s baby daddy.

After months of remaining tight-lipped on the subject, Kailyn eventually revealed that Chris Lopez was the father of her child.

Shortly thereafter, details regarding Chris and Kailyn’s brief time together began to emerge, and it became clear why Lowry was so reluctant to identify the man who got her pregnant.

Kailyn Lowry Graduates!
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It seems that Lowry and Lopez broke up after just a short time together – and the split was far from amicable.

Lopez was reportedly the one to call it quits, and while Lowry has portrayed the relationship as a fling that resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, sources are now claiming that she planned to remain with Chris for the long haul.

“Kail was very upset when they broke up,” an insider close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“But she has never said anything bad about him. She wishes him the best and hopes he’s genuinely happy with his life.”

She hopes he’s "genuinely happy" with his life?

Chris Lopez Photo
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Sounds like these two are planning to never have any contact with one another again.

Which might be a problem, what with the baby they’re about to have and all.

There’s no word on what sort of custody arrangement has been worked out, but in a surprisingly candid blog post that’s since been deleted, Kailyn revealed she’ll be raising the child alone, with no help from Lopez outside of financial contributions.

Needless to say, these two aren’t on the greatest terms, and that fact is likely to result in a deeply complicated co-parenting relationship.

Not surprisingly, many fans have assumed that the pregnancy came as a total shock to Lopez, but the insider says that’s not the case:

Kailyn Lowry
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The source claims Chris "knew exactly what he was doing" when he helped Kailyn conceive.

What he apparently didn’t know, however, was that she was planning to build a relationship with him:

“Kail became a relationship of convenience for him,” the insider says.

“He never actually loved her. It was a relationship, but he just decided he wanted something different and things didn’t work out so they went their separate ways.”

Yeesh. Sounds like Kail should’ve vetted her sperm donor a bit to make sure they weren’t looking for different things.

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