Jessa Duggar: Quarantining WITHOUT Ben Seewald?!

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The Duggar family's response to the coronavirus pandemic has attracted a lot of attention from fans.

While several Counting On stars have decided to ignore the social distancing guidelines designed to curb the spread of the virus, others have done their civic duty by playing it safe.

The New Ben Seewald

On the safe side of the spectrum, we find Jessa Duggar, who's been isolating herself as much as possible and encouraging her fans and followers to do the same.

Some believe Jessa is socially-distancing as an excuse to get away from her parents for a few weeks.

Whatever the case, she deserves to be applauded for once again breaking away from her parents' archaic belief system in order to do what'e right.

Jessa has always been a fan favorite, of course, but in recent weeks, she's been receiving more attention than ever.

Jessa Seewald on Her Gram

That's partially because of her quarantine content -- Jessa has been posting easy recipes as well as relatable rants about the strain of keeping three cooped-up kids happy -- but also because of rumors about her personal life.

There's been speculation that Jessa has joined the anti-Jim Bob rebellion started by Jill and Jinger last year.

However, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Jessa put those rumors to rest by posting an hour-long tribute to her father on YouTube this week.

The surprising content gave rise to a different rumor:

Many fans are now convinced that Jessa's loyalty to Jim Bob has caused tension in her marriage to Ben Seewald.

The primary piece of evidence for this claim is the below photo of Jessa and her children.

"My quaranteam," she captioned the selfie.

Jessa Duggar In Quarantining

As you can see, Jessa's team consists of her daughter and two sons.

In the comments section, many of her followers made note of Ben's absence.

"Where’s Ben?" wrote one fan.

"I thought I saw something where you and him weren't quarantining together."

Ben, Jessa

This led to widespread speculation about Ben's absence, particularly after it was noted that Seewald hasn't made an appearance on his wife's page in over two weeks.

Some echoed the rumor that Ben is not in isolation with the rest of his family, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Others speculated that Jessa has been leaving her husband out of her pics because they're fighting, but Jessa says that's not true, either.

In the comments she claimed that he was absent from her latest pic because he was "mowing the lawn."

Seewald Family

Obviously, that's a completely plausible explanation.

But it's not hard to see why fans jumped to the conclusion that there's something more going on.

This is a time of upheaval in the Duggar clan, with factions forming, and siblings being forced to take sides.

Jessa is clearly pro-Jim Bob, and since the in-laws in the family are showing signs of being on the opposite side of the conflict, it's safe to assume that Ben's not with her on that.

So regardless of whether or not there's any meaning behind his absence from her Instagram page, it's safe to assume that Ben might be finding himself at odds with his wife these days.

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