Sammi Giancola: My Fiance Can't Stop Thirsting Over Me!

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A little over a year ago, Sammi Giancola became engaged to Christian Biscardi.

Like any good fiance, he just cannot stop gushing and swooning over her -- even over a simple selfie.

Sammi Giancola, Styled Selfie

"Loving my hair by @leerittiner @totaleehair & makeup from @beautybychloe__ in this pic," Sammi captions this Instagram photo.

(Before you say anything about the pandemic, as far as we know, she could have snapped this photo a month ago and only chose to share it this week)

She is absolutely glowing in the pic.

Her beauty is made even more apparent in contrast to the celebrity selfies that we have all seen recently. Some are lost without their stylists.

sammi giancola hair makeup post fiance thirst comment IG

Couples can go for years or even decades together and still find themselves stunned by the other's looks.

Clearly, that is still the case when it comes to Christina's feelings towards Sammi.

"Oh damn," he commented succinctly.

His thirst is so palpable. He might as well have left an "eyes" emoji.

Sammi Sweetheart, Fiance

Fans could not agree more.

"You’re a lucky man," a commenter correctly informed Christian.

Others heaped praise more directly upon Sammi.

"You look so stunning!!” one raved at her, while another praised: “You look perfect."

Christian Biscardi

"Omg ur so beautiful," praised one fan.

Another declared: "You have always had the most beautiful hair!"

"Your skin is goals!" a comment reads.

Another follower raved: "You look so beautiful Sammi!!!!!!"

Sammi Sweetheart Engagement Pic

"Happy birthday to my gorgeous fiancee!" Christian gushed on March 14.

"You are my strength despite how strong my pecs are,” he joked in reference to his own, as folks on social media would call them, tiddies.

“You are a role model for class and natural beauty," Christian raved.

"And," he expressed, "I look forward to spending the rest of your birthdays with you! @sammisweetheart."

Ronnie and Sammi Giancola

For her part, Sammi made it very clear that she appreciated her fiance's glowing praise.

She wrote back: “Aww thank you! Love you!!"

The two became engaged, as we noted, just over a year ago.

They first began dating back in 2017.

Sammi Giancola and boyfriend Christian Biscardi

Plenty of Sammi's former castmates are angling for wedding invites, but at the moment, so much appears up in the air.

Snooki and others have admitted that they're unsure if they'll be part of the potential ceremony.

Realistically, a lot of wedding planning has been put on hold throughout the country as this pandemic intensifies.

You can't really have a wedding when people can't gather in one place. That's okay -- nuptials can wait.

Sammi and boyfriend, Christian Biscardi, post a selfie

Like we said, we are assuming that Sam is being responsible and did not actually have her hair and makeup done right now.

People should be avoiding those outside of their households for all non-essential activities.

Hair and makeup are not essential, even though Sammi's looks absolutely breathtaking.

That said, it's easy to do good art when you're working with the right materials, and Sammi has always been strikingly pretty.

Sammi Sweetheart Selfie

Fans are so, so excited to see her getting her happily ever after.

Not all Jersey Shore stars have been so lucky, of course.

We're glad that she has someone to love and appreciate her and sing her praises during this tumultuous time.

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