Chris Harrison: I KNEW Thirsty Hannah Would Quarantine With Tyler!

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Along with some friends, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron quarantined together, making the most of a bad situation.

Chris Harrison says that he's not shocked to see them hooking up ... because Hannah's been wanting that to happen for a long time.

Hannah Brown and Chris Harrison

In an interview with Glamour that was published on Friday, April 10, Chris Harrison says that he saw a lot of this coming.

"I wasn’t surprised by Hannah and Tyler [quarantining together]," he admits.

Tooting his own horn, Chris adds: "I saw that coming."

A lot of people figured that they might touch base again, but sheltering in place together and becoming TikTok stars took some by surprise.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron: Quarantined Together

Here is where Chris really lays into Hannah.

"Hannah has been shipping that for quite some time," Chris states.

Shipping refers to supporting a ship, as in a relationship. The fanfiction term has made it into mainstream when it comes to reality TV couples.

"So," he continues, "I think that one I could possibly see happening."

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron TikTok Dancing

"I’m glad it did," Chris says.

Oh? Is he officially confirming that Tyler and Hannah boned each other's stunningly beautiful brains out while sheltering in place together?

Realizing what he had just said, Chris either correct himself ... or pretends to know less than he knows.

He adds: "If it did."

Hannah Brown Bikini

"I don’t know what it is,” Chris says of the relationship status between the two reality TV hotties.

“They haven’t defined it," he acknowledges.

Chris continues: "So I’m definitely not going to define it."

'But," he states for the record, "I wish them well."

tyler cameron switch it up tiktok

Chris Harrison also reveals that hasn't spoken to them about their time together or their current status.

"I figure I’ll let them define their own lives," he explains.

"And," Chris reasons, "figure out what they’re doing."

That is a very healthy way of doing things.

hannah brown and tyler cameron play musical chairs on tiktok

Hannah and Tyler sheltered together. Now, Peter and Kelley are doing the same.

"When we all come out of this," Chris predicts, "there’s to be a lot of catching up to do."

He says that fans and producers and stars will all want to touch base "to figure out what’s been going on."

“We might have to have a quarantine tell-all," Chris hints.

Hannah Brown Has Her Doubts

If The Bachelor is going to have a special event related to stars and couples who have sheltered in place during this pandemic ... that would be great.

Some time ago, 90 Day Fiance announced that they would be doing the same thing.

Later this month, a limited series event called 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined will air five episodes from footage recorded by the stars at home.

The Bachelor could do something similar with its stars, letting them record litlte updates at home.

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber Throwback

But it sounds like Chris is suggesting a sit-down, in person Tell All session, the kind that can only happen when this is over.

That's not a bad idea, either.

However, at the moment, a lot of people are stuck at home. Many of those capable of feeling bored are really feeling it bad.

An unpolished distraction might serve a lot of the Bachelor Nation better here and now than a fine-tuned, glitzy Tell All would months from now.

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