Tom Brooks: What Did His Final Letter to Darcey Silva Say?

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Even back when they were dating, Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva were no good for each other. Every viewer knows it.

After Tom's inexcusable rudeness to Darcey, he drove to her home with a letter in hand. But what did it say?

Darcey Silva Answers the Door

Darcey is a complicated person, but like Jesse before him, Tom still manages to come off as the bad guy.

He was, to be blunt, outrageously dickish to Darcey.

Knowing this, he drove up to Connecticut for the first time (with production filming him, of course) to offer an apology.

The woman who opened the door was not Darcey, but her sister, Stacey.

Tom Brooks Projects Sincerity

When Darcey came to the door, Tom offered her a letter in lieu of speaking from the heart while face-to-face.

She refused to accept it, prompting him to leave it against her windshield, like a parking ticket or a leaflet.

Darcey still did not read it and, at her behest, Stacey ripped it up and threw it away.

But Tom's real final message to Darcey came in the form of what he said to the cameras.

Darcey Silva Has Mixed Feelings

"My first time in Connecticut, and it’s most certainly my last," Tom remarked.

He stated: "Having the door slammed in my face was a perfect, fitting ending to what we were."

"The first two or three seconds it was nice to see her," Tom assessed, "and then she remembered how much she hated me."

"I understand she’s angry and she’s hurt, but it doesn’t have to be like that," he complained.

Tom Brooks Arrives

Tom griped: "I’ve come here, tried to be respectful, tried to apologize for being slightly rude the other day."

"The least she could have done is accepted that," he lamented.

"I wanted to see her. I wanted to see what it was like," Tom said. 

"Now I’m headed back to New York," he narrated, "knowing now 100% that whatever Darcey and I once had is no more."

Darcey Silva Feels Conflicted

"I actually found some happiness with Shannon. God knows, after putting up with Darcey, I deserve it," Tom told the cameras.

"I’ve had a bit of a bad time with Darcey, let’s face it," he acknowledged. "But, this leaves me in a very good position now."

"Finding closure with Darcey has made me realize how special Shannon is," Tom reflected.

"And," he continued, "I can’t think of anything more I want than just to be with her right now, in fact."

Tom Brooks Hands Over a Letter

"I think Darcey is going to wake up one day," Tom speculated, "and realize all the hurt and upset she caused."

"And when she wakes up as a 55-year-old woman alone," he predicted, "she’s only got herself to blame."

How charming of him to bring up her age and gender as a point of shame.

Look, there is a lot going on with Darcey, but there is a reason that she's more popular than either of them men whom she has dated on camera.

Tom Brooks letter up close

So what did the letter say? The amazing folks over at Starcasm looked at it from every high definition angle to piece together what is legible.

"[Matters?] and I have the upmost…a sensitive heart and…feel…fact you are genuinely searching for love…" Tom appears to have written.

His letter seems to continue: "innocence and vulnerability about you…[memories?] from damage that has been done…past."

Tom's letter likely says: "whether from previous relationships…relationships…or family members. Either way…you…"

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