Hannah Ann Sluss Moves On From Peter Weber: I Have a Quarantine Boyfriend!

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When Clare Crawley was announced as the new Bachelorette, the reaction from fans was decidedly mixed.

For many, the problem wasn't with Clare, per se -- they just felt that Hannah Ann Sluss deserved a shot at love after being jerked around by Peter Weber all season.

Sluss, Hannah

Yes, in one of the most shocking and baffling conclusions in Bachelor history, Peter proposed to Hannah Ann, but then decided to chase after Madison instead.

It's one thing to get dumped on the show -- after all, that's the fate of most contestants -- but being put through the emotional wringer in such brutal fashion earned Hannah additional sympathy from viewers.

Many felt it was only right that she be given another shot at love, but concerns that viewers would prefer an older Bachelorette led to Clare's casting.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Engaged

But thankfully, it looks like we finally have some good news to report from Peter's trainwreck of a season.

Hannah Ann did a phone interview for Kaitlyn Bristowe's podcast this week, and it seems she's excited about a promising prospect in the romance department.

That said, she learned some valuable lessons from Peter, and is not planning to rush right into another relationship -- especially since she hasn't even met the guy in question due to coronavirus concerns.

“I’m not going to be exclusive with anyone for a while,” Hannah told Kaitlyn on the podcast.

Hannah Ann Sluss on Ellen

“I’m just getting to know different people, as much as I can, virtually, during quarantine," she added. 

Hannah previously mentioned her mystery man on Nick Viall's podcast last week, revealing that she's excited about getting to actually meet the guy she's been chatting with every day.

“There’s one person in particular I’m excited to go on a date with after,” Hannah said.

“He’s someone that’s been really nice and I’m excited to get to know more and it’s weird because when I’m actually liking someone now not the whole world knows about it," she added.

Hannah Ann The Bachelor

Hannah says her newfound freedom is exhilarating, but also a little scary.

After all, she was engaged just a few short months ago, and quarantine dating is a new experience for everybody,

“It’s weird because I got off the show, I was engaged,” Hannah Ann explained.

“Then I was single, but I couldn’t go out, couldn’t go on a date or really text anyone because people would know I wasn’t engaged," she added.

Hannah Ann Sluss Models

"And then after the show, we go straight into being quarantined. I’m like, oh my gosh, my dating life is so dull.”

This was also the interview in which Hannah Ann compared Peter Weber's junk to cauliflower.

We don't know much about this new guy yet, but here's hoping his dong resembles a more appetizing piece of produce.

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